External Transfer FAQs

  1.  How much money can I deposit or withdraw per day? Per month?
    The daily sending and/or receiving limit for external transfers is $2,500. The monthly sending and/or receiving limit for external transfers is $10,000.
  2. Is there a limit on the number of External Transfers I can process per day? Per month?
    The daily sending and/or receiving limit for external transfers is 15. The monthly sending and/or receiving limit for external transfers is 30.
  3. Is this service available to business members?
    No. This is a retail consumer service only.
  4. When will funds be withdrawn from my Visions account?
    Same day transactions process after 1PM EST, next day transactions process after 4PM EST. External Transfers are only processed on business days.
  5. Are there any fees associated with same day External Transfers?
    We do not charge members any fee for using the same day External Transfer service.
  6. How long before my micro deposits arrive?
    Micro deposits usually arrive within 3 business days of being sent as per the normal ACH processing at the receiving financial institution.
  7. Do micro deposits expire?
    Yes. Micro deposits expire within 14 days of being initiated. If they are not acted upon by the user within 14 days, a new set of micro deposits must be initiated to link an account.
  8. Can I request a limit increase on my external transfer capability?
    There are no exceptions to External Transfer limits and therefore cannot be increased. The same limits apply to all members.
  9.  How do micro deposits work?
    Two small deposits are sent to the receiving institution for verification purposes based on what the user input as their external account routing and account number. The deposits are random amounts that the user must verify after receipt by entering in those amounts in the “Verify External Account” section of Visions FCU Digital Banking under the Transfers/Payments menu. The user will see two small deposits at their other financial institution and a single offsetting debit for the total amount deposited.
  10. How do I initiate a deposit or withdrawal via an external transfer within digital banking once the account is confirmed?
    All transactions (deposits or withdrawals) can be initiated through a standard Funds Transfer within digital banking.
  11. Why would I use an external transfer instead of a Zelle® or a Member-to-Member Transfer?
    External account transfers are designed to easily move money, in larger dollar amounts than a Zelle® transaction from one account you own to another account you own. They are not designed to pay bills, transfer money to another Visions member, or pay a person back.
  12. How do I remove an external account if I’ve closed the account or otherwise no longer want it connected to my Visions accounts?
    To remove a linked External Account, open the Settings menu and select Account Preferences. Select the account and click the delete account icon.
  13. How can I stay informed about activity on my account regarding external transfers?
    Visions FCU Digital Banking provides a multitude of different alerts so that a user can easily manage all their transactions, including external transfers with a text message and/or an email. Visions recommends that the user utilizes the customizable Online Transaction Alert category to keep them informed of activity with external transfers. Additionally, there are standard security alerts regarding external transfers that are activated by default for all users.
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