Money matters to people. And people matter to us.

That's why we've gathered our entire library of resources here, so our members and the community can educate themselves in the areas that matter to them. Home, auto, and personal finance are just a few of the areas we cover in our original content.

Enjoy these informative pieces and follow Visions on social media to catch the latest additions to this ever-growing library of feature articles and FAQs.

  • Visions Supports Little Hero's Cause for Youth Month

    Endwell, NY – Visions Federal Credit Union recently teamed up with Willow Fedoris to support Every Dog's Dream Rescue. Each month, Visions recognizes a Little Hero, a child age 12 or under who makes a positive impact in their community. Willow was selected as the winner in Augu…

  • Putting Your Bills On "Auto Pilot"

    Putting Your Bills On "Auto Pilot" For most of my life, I've struggled to keep track of things, especially my to-do list. Then, as an adult, I was diagnosed with ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), which explained a lot of the challenges that I had dealt with throug…

  • Impacting Your Financial Future with Your Career

    Impacting Your Financial Future with Your Career Most people realize that a job (or lack thereof) has a major impact on your financial future (as well as your current situation). Yet when we think, “What do I want to do when I grow up?” even if we have an opinion on the matter,…

  • Visions Donates to Chambers of Commerce

    Endicott, NY – Visions Federal Credit Union donated $32,250 to Chambers of Commerce across 26 counties in three states. The donations were part of a campaign they ran in June and July, where Visions committed a $250 donation to a new business member's Chamber of Commerce. While…

  • Visions Sponsors Rumble Ponies Box Office

    Binghamton, NY – Visions Federal Credit Union became the box office sponsor for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies baseball team earlier this year, part of a local push to keep professional sports in Broome County. The Binghamton Rumble Ponies were at risk of losing both their minor…

  • Why I Ditched My Debit Card

    Why I Ditched My Debit Card All about that credit card life I'm going to make a confession: I don't use my debit card. To be honest, I haven't used it in years. And while that's not something our Card Solutions Manager here at Visions will like, the fact is, I'm all about my cre…

    Why I Ditched My Debit Card
  • How I Paid for Two Years of Study in Australia

    How I Paid for Two Years in Australia: Financial Prep for Study Abroad So, you've decided to study abroad? How exciting! With dreams of the adventures that await, it can be tough to sit down and think logistics. If you take the time to map out your finances now, though, you'll…

  • Are You Financially Fit?

    Are You Financially Fit? Over the last several years the fitness industry has exploded. Unique diets, strength training regiments for all ages, you name it. Many people have shown a level of dedication to becoming healthier, both mentally and physically, and are enjoying healthi…

  • 4 Ways I Saved (or tried) in College

    4 Ways I Saved (or tried) in College When I was 17 my dad's motto seemed to be “stop spending your money.” But to me, spending was easy. “Saving” was hardly a word. The first time I considered cost – another new word! – was the moment my dad said, “You know, you'll end up with a…

  • As Home Values Rise, Should Homeowners Look to Equity

    The pandemic may have restricted the way many of us lived, but it pushed the housing market beyond historic boundaries. Now those same homes we were stuck in during quarantine are worth more than ever before, making home equity lines of credit even more attractive. Apply Now! Me…

  • Direct Deposit

    To sign up for direct deposit – the automated transfer of payments from your employer directly into your Visions account – you will need to contact your employer and supply the following information...

  • Preparing for Baby Costs

    Preparing for Baby Costs Oh, baby. I found out in February. I came home to a scavenger hunt – clues scattered by my wife throughout the house. At the end, I discovered a drawer filled with tiny booties, a Captain America onesie, and a board book about dads and babies. And there…

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