Money matters to people. And people matter to us.

That's why we've gathered our entire library of resources here, so our members and the community can educate themselves in the areas that matter to them. Home, auto, and personal finance are just a few of the areas we cover in our original content.

Enjoy these informative pieces and follow Visions on social media to catch the latest additions to this ever-growing library of feature articles and FAQs.

  • Homeowners Should Consider This Before Taking a Loan

    Looking to renovate the kitchen, consolidate expenses, or take an epic vacation? Been in your home for a while? If so, a home equity line of credit, or HELOC, unlocks the value of your investment in ways other financial products can't. APPLY NOW! You Only Pay for What You Use A…

  • Visions Introduces Culture and Inclusion Officer LaToya Pryce

    Endwell, NY – Visions Federal Credit Union is excited to announce the hire of LaToya Pryce as Culture and Inclusion Officer. Pryce has over two decades of experience in the financial services industry, most recently serving as VP of Regional Sales and Development for a community…

  • College Expenses: How to Survive Tuition

    College Expenses: How to Survive Tuition I learned the hard way. I didn't quite realize what student loans entailed and learned so many things along the way that I wish I knew beforehand. I'm here to tell you all the things I wish I knew, so that hopefully you don't go through…

  • Cats and Dogs: The Costs of Owning a Pet

    Cats and Dogs: The Costs of Owning a Pet So, you're thinking about getting a furry friend… Owning a pet has many benefits, like a decrease in stress and depression, as well as having a best friend. While a cat or dog are great companions, it's important to keep in mind the costs…

    Dog shelter
  • Family Budgeting with Coupons

    Family Budgeting with Coupons Adulting is hard, even when it's filled with great things. Nothing brought me to that sense faster than having $36,000 in student loan debt and working my dream job while being newly married, a new homeowner, and – the cherry on top – having a baby…

  • Tyrone Muse Enters CUES Hall of Fame

    Madison, Wis. – Talent development leader CUES announced the winners of its annual awards and the class of 2021 Hall of Fame inductees. Winners were announced October 21, during the CUES Member Appreciation & Awards Event, and among the Hall of Fame inductees honored at the…

  • Visions Donates $100,000 to Habitat for Humanity

    "The Big Give" 2021 Endwell, NY – Visions Federal Credit Union today announced a gift of $100,000 to ten Habitat for Humanity chapters in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Each chapter will receive $10,000 as part of “The Big Give.” Giving back is a core part of Visions'…

  • Making Sense of Mortgages

    Making Sense of Mortgages Closing costs, PMI, ARM, escrow…figuring out what makes up your mortgage can be complicated. With so many factors to consider, how do you make sense of it all? Well, you can start by breaking down some of the most common terms and considerations you'll…

  • Going Out of Town on a Budget

    Going Out of Town on a Budget My wife and I love to travel. Well, at least back in the pre-Covid and pre-baby days. Things have definitely changed in the last couple years, but the wanderlust remains. Here are some ways that we've been able to make some fun trips without breakin…

  • Internships for Dummies (101)

    Internships for Dummies (101) If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're a high school or college level student who's struggling to maneuver all the expectations around graduation. What is an internship, anyway? Why do I even need one? How do I get one? These are just a few of…

  • A Quick Intro to Crypto

    Dear member, meet crypto.  Thanks to new technology, brilliant programmers, and a global economy, we're seeing a whole new world developing through digital assets and cryptocurrency. Even if you're not interested in investing yet, don't stay in the dark – get to know crypto…

  • Lessons From: My Crafty Neighbor

    Lessons From My Elders I won't always be young. I'm not jaded by the notion that I have a lot of years ahead of me, and many lessons to learn. But eventually, I won't be able to work the same 40 hours per week (plus the occasional side gig) to support my family and cover my heal…

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