Earn points when you swipe, chip, or tap!


When you pay with your Visions Visa® credit card, you can earn points to redeem as rewards. What kind of rewards? We're glad you asked.


Earn enough points and you could enjoy:

  • Cash back – You can even set up automatic redemption!
  • Gift cards – Choose from hundreds of stores, dining, and entertainment venues
  • Travel – Featuring online reservations for flights, hotels, cars, cruises, and special deals
  • Experiences – Lessons, rides, spa treatments, and more
  • Merchandise – Browse an extensive merchandise selection and start saving your points for brand-name items, including cameras, tablets, gaming consoles, and more
  • Pay With Points – Enroll in real-time notifications to use our Pay with Points redemption option and you could have qualified purchases credited back to your account
  • Checkout With Points – Use your Visions Visa at participating merchants and you can redeem your points for a discount toward a qualifying purchase at checkout
  • Fuel With Points – Use your Visions Visa at participating stations when fueling up and you can redeem your points for a discount at the pump. 2,000 points =$.50 off per gallon

You can even redeem your points as a charitable donation! Plus, by partnering with Visa®, we give cardholders access to other great travel perks, Signature benefits, and annual sweepstakes.

Credit Card being tapped to pay

Redeeming your rewards is easy

Questions? Visit the redemption website and click "Browse FAQ" in the bottom right corner. Rewards representatives are also available at 888.211.8384.
For support with your Visions credit cards or online banking, reach out to our Contact Center at 800.242.2120.

Terms and Conditions

•    Visa Platinum Rewards - Points will expire on the last day of the year, three years after the date of issuance
•    Elite Visa Signature Rewards - Points will expire on the last day of the year, five years after the date of issuance

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In 2022, we had a Visions member who won $10,000 from a similar Visa® sweepstakes. She simply ordered a pizza and paid with her Visions Debit Card. Two months later, she got the big news. Who knows – maybe this year, the winner could be YOU!

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Preventing Card Fraud

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