Stay in control of your finances – wherever you are, whenever you need.


Get fast, convenient, paperless updates to stay on top of your accounts. First, you'll want to sign up for digital banking. Already able to log in? Read on!


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Notices in Digital Banking

Instead of receiving a printed notice days after an event, sign up for Notices in digital banking instead. We'll send you an email notification when a notice is available for you to view in digital banking, alerting you to activity in your account such as: 

  • Overdue loan payments
  • Overdraft fees
  • Overdraft transfers
  • Checks that have been returned due to insufficient funds
  • Card purchases or advances against insufficient funds

That means faster, paperless, secure access to these important updates via digital banking.

Getting started is easy!

Simply log into digital banking, open the Document Center from the Services tab, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the enrollment process. While you're there, you can also check out our paperless eStatements and Tax Forms.

Previously enrolled in eNotices?
To use this new and improved service, you'll need to re-enroll. If you have any questions, you can call us at 800.242.2120.


Alerts via Email or Text Message

Want to receive important account or transaction alerts? 
With our customizable alerts, you can receive an email or text message whenever something happens on your account – all within the categories and limits of your choice. Here are some of the options:

  • Account alerts – Use these to protect yourself from fraud. Don’t want your balance to go above or below a certain limit, for example? Set your threshold and get notified when it happens
  • History alerts – looking for a specific charge? Get notified when it clears
  • Item alerts – find out when a check clears your account
  • Date alerts – set up custom alerts to remind you of important items or events

Customize your alert preferences!

When you're enrolled in digital banking, setting up your alerts is simple and convenient. Select the Manage Alerts option from the digital banking menu, then choose whichever alerts are right for you. You can receive them by email, text, phone, or any combination of the three.

Add, edit, and customize your alerts in digital banking!


Security Alerts

Enhance your account monitoring even further with additional Security Alerts
Receive immediate alerts for things like:

  • Personal information changes and updates
  • User ID and password changes
  • Login attempts 
  • External Transfers

Updating your Security Alert delivery preferences is easy! Select the Manage Alerts option from the menu in digital banking, then click on "Edit Delivery Preferences" underneath Security Alerts. 


Visa® Purchase Alerts

Do you have a Visions debit or credit card?
Receive immediate alerts for transactions completed or attempted on your cards – with Visa Purchase Alerts!

Click here to enroll using your Visions debit or credit card. Click on Check eligibility, enter the first 9 digits of your card and click on Check Eligibility. Complete the enrollment by choosing where you prefer to receive alerts and what alerts you want to receive. 


If you're looking for fast, convenient, and paperless options, here are even more great services to consider:

Security Articles

  • Let's Team Up for Your Protection

    Your account security is our priority. You can join the effort, too, and be our partner in protecting your accounts and personal information. Use these online resources to maximize your security.

  • Text Message Scams

    It’s more common than you’d think. In text messages, scammers often impersonate Visions, Visa®, and other organizations in order to access personal information, bank accounts, credit cards, and more. It’s called “smishing.” And they’re targeting consumers just like you.

  • How to Handle Unexpected Checks

    How to Handle Unexpected Checks Did you get a check in the mail you weren't expecting? Maybe even one you were expecting, but it looks a little funny? There are ways to verify it to make sure you're not depositing a counterfeit check – and it all starts with the source. Checks…

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