Business owners have special needs: night deposits, coins, large volumes of checks both written and cashed. Contact us at 607.321.0805 or e-mail: to find out how we can help.



For the small business owner, who needs a no-frills, no-worry, checking account.

  • Balance falls below $2,500: $8
  • First 200 transactions per month: Free
  • Over 200 transactions: 24 cents each
  • Night deposit/over the counter deposit bags: 25 cents each

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Maintain a $2,500 balance and earn interest with no monthly service charge.

  • Balance falls below $2,500: $25 plus 10 cents per transaction*.
  • Check orders: (offered at current price)
  • Night deposit/over the counter deposit bags: 25 cents/bag

*Each check deposited is an individual item.

Earn Dividends on Average Daily Balance as Follows:

Business Dividend Checking Rates for September 2018

$2,500.00 - $99,999.99.50%
$100,000.00 - $249,999.99.75%
$250,000.00 +No dividend

Learn what you need to open an account


No hassles. No fees. No minimum balance. No transaction costs. Just dividends for non-profit organizations or corporations. Thanks for being so community-minded.

Earn .25% APY dividends on average daily balance.

Learn what you need to open an account

Dividend rates are based on Credit Union earnings at the end of dividend period and cannot be guaranteed. The credit union reserves the right to change or terminate any offerings without notice. Dividends are calculated using the average daily balance method. This method applies a periodic rate to the average daily balance in the account each month. Dividends are credited monthly and compounded monthly. Checking account activity fees may reduce earnings. If the Checking Account is closed before dividends are credited, you will not receive dividends for the month.

*The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) disclosed assumes dividends will remain on deposit for a period of 1 year.