Put simply, a money market is a kind of savings account, but with a few key differences from your traditional options. Money market accounts are designed to be a safe way to get a better interest rate for people. However, these kinds of accounts generally require a higher minimum deposit. And just like regular savings accounts, money market accounts have NCUA protection which makes them a safe place to save.

Why a money market account?

That makes money market accounts a good option for people looking for the benefits of saving money safely or finding a place to "park" a chunk of money while earning dividends, as well.

With a money market account, a person can deposit money into their account whenever they like. On the flip side, if a person wants to get fast access to their money they have that option, too.

All in all, this is a savings option that provides safety, flexibility, and a higher interest rate than you would earn from a regular savings account.

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