Create a Getaway at Home with These Improvements

There are plenty of things to do inside and out that can turn a homestay into a getaway. Best of all, you can use your home’s equity to pay for these improvements.

A home equity line of credit, or HELOC, works similarly to a credit card, with a limit based on your home’s equity. That’s the currently assessed value of your home, minus any mortgage you might have. Unlike a home equity loan, though, you only repay what you use, giving you great flexibility at a low rate. 

So, maybe you’ve noticed you need more space. Been revisiting that dusty project list? Why not take on some home projects that can convert your surroundings into something special? Here are a few ways to shape your at-home getaway with a HELOC.

modern living room

Upgrade the Living Room

Maybe you’ve been sitting in the living room more than usual, but now you’re a little tired of the same old sofa. A new set of furniture could add some much-needed comfort, while some fresh paint on the walls would give a whole new look. You can also maintain your family’s entertainment center with a big screen TV or surround sound system. Home equity line of credit interest rates are low, so now’s a good time to change things up.

Beautify the Basement

If you haven’t been spending much time in the basement, it’s probably too basic. If you’ve been craving more space, there’s a lot of untapped potential downstairs. From man cave to movie theater, your imagination is the limit. After all, you can use a HELOC for anything you’d like.

Turn the Tub into Spa

If your bathroom is a snooze, you might consider using a HELOC to spruce things up. Think beyond the toilet, sink, and shower – now’s your chance to install the spa experience you’ve always dreamed of. Make the bathroom a place to unwind, with some luxurious touches you can afford with a low-rate home equity line of credit.

modern patio

Perfect the Deck or Patio

You’ve been stuck indoors enough lately, so now’s a good time to think outside. Turn your patio or deck into the hangout you’ve always wanted with some fresh furniture or an outdoor kitchen. Take things a step further and convert the backyard to a private resort with the addition of a pool. You only repay what you use with a HELOC, so you can make your outdoor space as elaborate or low-key as necessary.

Now’s a great time to use your home’s equity to make your house a place you want to go – regardless of requirements. See Visions’ current rates and start checking off that wish list.

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