Your credit. Your security.

Secured loans can serve many purposes – maybe you want a lower interest rate, maybe you’re just starting to build your credit, or maybe you don’t want to risk having unsecured debt. That’s where secured loans come in.

Because they’re secured by your own funds, you’ll typically enjoy lower interest rates. In addition, having some collateral in the mix is great for first-time borrowers – potentially increasing your chances for approval.

No matter which way you cut it, a secured loan is a smart choice.

Share Secured Loans

This is about as simple as you can get. The money you deposit works as collateral for your loan, letting you enjoy lower interest rates and the peace of mind that your funds stay on deposit in case anything happens to your financial situation.

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Secured Credit Cards

Looking to build your credit? It really doesn’t get much better than a secured credit card. Here’s how it works:

The money you deposit determines your credit amount. $500 on deposit = $500 credit card. You make purchases, pay your balance, and build your credit up bit by bit. After a time – during which you’ve built your credit history up – you may even qualify for an unsecured card.

Don’t forget, too, that the money you have on deposit is still yours – you’re not losing anything. And, because it’s secured, you’ll enjoy advantaged rates, too. Talk about a win, right?

Secured credit cards are a great move for people just starting out, those looking to repair their credit, or for students and young people who want to get a head start on their financial futures. Plus, all of our credit cards come with great rewards, too.

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Other Secured Loan Options

In addition, we also offer the following:

  • Share Certificate Secured Loans*
  • Money Market Secured Loans
  • Stock Secured Loans (only certain types of stocks)

*Some restrictions apply. Term length based on term of share certificate. Speak with a representative for details.

Credit/Security Agreement