Visions has committed $1 million to the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) over ten years.

Visions and the NJEA have committed to a long-term partnership in supporting New Jersey students and educators. For the first installment of Project Education, the NJEA and Visions have agreed to use funding for social justice initiatives that will provide resources for educators and help assist students in underserved communities. The partnership has also resulted in the creation of the Visions FCU Grant, a $10,000 grant through the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education.

The long-term partnership will benefit NJEA members, students, and the community. The NJEA represents over 200,000 active and retired public school educators and support professionals. NJEA is a diverse, democratic organization working to create an optimal environment to achieve excellence in public education in New Jersey.

The NJEA grant is part of the Visions Cares program, a program responsible for over $1 million in annual contributions to the communities Visions serves, as well as a workforce volunteer program that yields thousands of volunteer hours annually.

Visions has a history of supporting education, Visions created the Visions Loves Educators program, a collection of products, services, and grants tailored to the needs of educators. Visions is committed to students, educators, social justice, and the power of education in transforming lives.

In November 2023, Visions made the third installment of $100,000.

Project Education

Partnership Highlights

2021 – New Jersey Educators Association Racial & Social Justice Institute

Project Education Grant – $100,000. In the inaugural year of the program, NJEA President Marie Blistan announced at the 2021 Equity Alliance Conference that the grant will support the creation of the NJEA Racial & Social Justice Institute under the NJEA’s newly created Human and Civil Rights Division. The goal of the partnership between Visions and the NJEA Racial and Social Justice Institute is to stand in solidarity in teaching on the issues of systemic racism, institutional racism, environmental racism, colorism, homophobia, and all other forms of inequity. The Institute will provide high-quality training and workshops for educators, students, families, and communities. It will also work to support local initiatives in public schools and county colleges.

Ribbon Cutting

2021-22 – LEAP Academy Teachers Association (Camden County)

Visions Grant for Social Justice – $8,273. LEAP Academy Teachers Association members Brooke Bivona, Amir Ayres, Chris McCrum, Jonathan Wetstien, Katie Dunkley and Lissel Vasliakis were awarded an $8,273 grant to carry out a project to create a “virtual community garden” for the LEAP Academy Charter School students in Camden. This grant has been designated as the Visions Grant for Social Justice. Visions Federal Credit Union has provided NJEA with a grant that supports the creation of social justice programs. This grant designation commemorates that commitment.

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