Save Money. Help The Environment.

Our newest initiative promotes sustainability through the use of solar power. We believe solar communities will help all of us grow in an environmentally responsible way. 

Converting homes to solar energy sources has never been easier or more affordable thanks to government incentives and the work of forward-thinking companies like Renovus Solar. Consider that: 

  • The sun contains 5 billion years' worth of clean, abundant power and every hour, enough sunlight hits the planet to supply the entire world's energy needs for an entire year
  • While Northeast winters may seem dark and long, we actually have about 90 percent of the solar resources that sunnier locales like Florida do
  • With solar, you can eliminate most or all of your electricity bill
  • Up to 70% of your solar investment can be offset by tax credits and incentives depending on your situation

What Is Community Solar?

It used to be that having solar power meant buying panels and putting them on your house. That method came with a few hurdles, though. 

First of all, you need to own a home – which not everyone does. Secondly, your house needs a suitable spot to install the panels – which most houses don’t have. Plus, what happens if you need to move? Chances are, you’re leaving those panels behind.

With community solar, those problems are solved.

Community Solar Loan

Visions is proud to offer our members a special Community Solar loan to help them purchase their own panel. This loan offers:

  • Terms up to 15 years
  • A one-time, penalty-free re-amortization, letting you lower your payment without affecting your rate or term!

This unique re-amortization is perfect for members who pay down a large portion of their principal – generally by applying their generous tax credits to the loan balance – and want to enjoy a lower monthly payment.

It's all part of our goal to make renewable energy more accessible and affordable.

Why Community Solar?

"The costs have never been lower and this is a great opportunity for Visions to make it even more attainable and, in turn, make our communities environmentally sustainable," Visions President and CEO Ty Muse said. "Solar power just makes sense as does our support of a great and growing local business like Renovus."

Based in Ithaca, New York, Renovus and its local workforce of 70 people have been empowering homes with solar energy since 2003.

"Ultimately, our goal is to bring solar to the masses and make the process of going solar as enjoyable on day one as it is in year 25," Renovus President and CEO Joe Sliker said. "We've installed thousands of systems all over New York state and we want to bring all that experience to our clients."

Want to Get Started?

Browse our helpful articles below and be sure to stop by your local office or call our Contact Center at 800.242.2120. You can also visit Renovus Solar for more information and to find your place within the grid.

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