Planning to buy a home?



Mortgage prequalification helps to define how much you can afford. We'll help you establish a realistic purchase amount, then provide you with a qualifying letter to let sellers and realtors know you're a serious buyer. 

When you receive your prequalification letter, it's good for 60 days. If you're still house hunting after that, you'll need to schedule another appointment and request a new prequalification.

Ready to prequalify?

What do I need?

Prequalifying is as simple as gathering your Proof of Income and Proof of Assets.

Proof of Income

Traditional employment income:
•    Two years W2s
•    30 days paystubs

Self-employment or rental property income:
•    Two years signed tax returns

Retirement income:
•    Two years 1099s

Proof of Assets

Two months of financial statements showing:
•    Ability to pay:
      —   Closing costs
      —   Down payment

•    Reserves, including two months of mortgage payments:
      —   Principal
      —   Interest
      —   Escrow

Additional Information

A mortgage prequalification is not a loan agreement and is not a commitment to lend; it is an estimate of how much you can afford based on your provided information. All applicants are subject to verification of income, assets, and creditworthiness. Proof of income must be current – most recent two-year history and/or 30 days of paystubs. Proof of assets require two-month financial statement history.

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