FREE NOTARY SERVICES – remote or in person

Need something notarized? Visions is here for you. We offer the choice to complete your notarization in person or online using DocuSign Notary. Getting started at your local branch is simple – just book an appointment or stop by when you're in the area.

Don't want to leave the house?
Using our remote online notary (RON), you can save time, meet a Visions notary online, and remotely notarize your most critical agreements*. For more information, read on!

DocuSign Remote Online Notary

From powers of attorney to trust certifications to lien releases – have important documents signed and stamped virtually, from the comfort of your living room. All you need is your photo ID, a digital camera, and secure connection to the internet to get started. 

Enjoy peace of mind with our secure process that utilizes:

  • Multi-step identity verification
  • Knowledge-based authentication
  • Audio-visual recording
  • Digital, tamper-evident seal

What does that mean for you?
Well, it means you get increased access to our state-recognized notary services that enforce strict security measures and reduce the risk of fraud. Convenient, right?

Ready to meet a notary online?

Schedule your DocuSign Notary Session

Which types of documents can utilize DocuSign Notary? 

More efficient than traditional notary services, RON systems like DocuSign Notary are commonly used in financial services, insurance, law, and government, and have plenty of other applications, too, in business services, tech, retail, and more. 

Here are examples where DocuSign Notary can be handy:*

  • Beneficiary changes
  • Retirement distributions  
  • Powers of attorney
  • Auto title transfers
  • Deeds and real estate transactions
  • Retail rental agreements 
  • Corporate lease agreements  
  • Internal corporate notarizations
  • Certificates of incumbency
  • Human resource documents

*Available for US residents only. Restrictions may vary from state to state. Consult an attorney for your state's current laws regarding remote online notary and out-of-state notary.