You could be one lucky duck!

A better way to save! Just make $25 deposits for chances to win CASH!

Our Lucky Duck for May was Lynn S.! She won the $500 Visions FCU monthly prize. Our Lucky Duck for September was Adam W! He won the $500 Visions FCU monthly prize.

November Winners - One $50 statewide winner (Thomas G.) and one $500 Visions monthly winner.December Winners - Two $25 statewide winners, one $50 statewide winner, one $100 statewide winner, one $500 Visions monthly winner, and one $1,500 Visions quarterly winner..

What’s a Lucky Savers account?

Put simply, it’s a better way to save. Like any share certificate, a Lucky Saver earns you dividends – but it also gives you chances to win monthly and quarterly cash prizes!

Lucky Savers Prizes*

Statewide Prize Winners (Sponsored by New York Credit Union Association)

Monthly Amounts: $25 • $50 • $100

Quarterly Amounts: $500 • $1,000 • $5,000

Visions Member Prize Drawings

Monthly Amount: $500

Quarterly Amount: $1,500

Share Certificate? What’s that?

Think of it as a time-based savings account, where your rate of return is based on your term length. In general, the longer the term, the higher your rate. A Lucky Saver is a 12-month certificate, meaning you’ll earn more than you would in a regular savings account, plus you’ll have the opportunity to win cash prizes! 

How does a Lucky Savers account work?

It’s simple – open it up with $25, then make as many deposits as you want. Every time your balance goes up by $25 in a month, you gain another chance to win a prize. That means if you deposit $50 in one month, you’ve earned two chances; $200 in a month, eight chances. You have a 10-chance maximum each month – that’s $250 – but you’re still free to deposit more if you like.

What kind of prizes are available?Lucky Savers Totals: In 2020, there were 47 Visions members who won a grand total of $12,825!

There are two types of drawings available: those at the statewide level and those exclusive to Visions members. While the statewide drawings encompass all the credit unions that participate in the program, the Visions drawings are restricted to our members only. You can find a full breakdown of amounts under our “Lucky Savers Prizes” section, above.

How many winners are there?

The number of winners depends on the type of drawing. At the statewide level, there can be multiple winners per month, but only one winner for each quarterly amount. For the Visions drawings, we guarantee one lucky winner every month and quarter!

How do I open a Lucky Savers account?

It’s easy – just stop into your local New York or New Jersey office with $25 and ask for one! Must be 18 years of age or older; business and trust accounts are not eligible.

Can I take money out of my Lucky Savers?

Yes, you can take one withdrawal from the account in a 12-month period. You’ll be subject to a $25 withdrawal fee, and additional fees may apply based on the certificate agreement.

Interested in opening a Lucky Savers account?

Stop by your local office to get quackin’ on your savings!

*Credit union membership required with a $1 minimum deposit – certain restrictions apply. Check with a Visions representative for eligibility details. Members must be 18 years of age or older. Members cannot participate in the Lucky Savers program at more than (1) participating credit union. Accounts must be opened in a NJ or NY office or through our Contact Center at 800.242.2120. Void where prohibited by law. Official rules and a complete list of prizes are available at or at any Visions location. Prize values are reportable for tax purposes. Federally insured by NCUA.

Official rules