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Smart Teller FAQ

  • How do I speak to representative if needed?

    During our Contact Center hours of operation, if you press 0 or say “zero” from the Smart Teller menu, the system will route you to the Contact Center. Then, for loan information, select option 3. For all other information, select option 4. 

  • How do I input dollar amounts for transfers and payments?

    When Smart Teller prompts you to enter an amount, you should enter the full amount of dollars and cents without using any decimals. For example, when requesting a $100.00 transfer, you’ll enter 10000. Smart Teller will recognize what you’ve entered and confirm the amount.

  • How far back can I review my transaction history?

    For savings and checking accounts, the last 15 transactions will be available to review, including up to 30 days of history. For loan transactions, the system will go over the last 5 transactions within the last 30 days. Lastly, the system will go over the most deposits, up to 15 total, in the last 30 days.  

  • How will check withdrawals be mailed out?

    Check withdrawals are mailed via USPS and sent to the address on file.

  • Does Smart Teller have transaction limits?

    Smart Teller is limited to $10,000.00 per transaction – including transfers, payments, and check withdrawals – and other account regulations and restrictions may apply.

  • Can I change my PIN in Smart Teller?

    Yes! To change your PIN in Smart Teller, select option 8. The system will ask you to pick a new PIN that is 6-15 characters in length.

    If you need additional assistance accessing the Smart Teller system or have difficulty with your PIN, speak with a representative during business hours by calling 800.242.2120. If you’re already in Smart Teller and wish to be transferred to a representative, press option 0 or say “zero” from any menu in Smart Teller.

  • Does Smart Teller offer bilingual access?

    You’ll be given the option to select your preferred language at the beginning of your call. Please note, Smart Teller's speech recognition is only available in English at this time, but Smart Teller's touch tone responses can function in both English and Spanish.

  • What if I have multiple shares in my primary account?

    Smart Teller recognizes when there are multiple shares in an account and whether the shares have been assigned nicknames. Before processing a transaction, Smart Teller will confirm the share names and numbers with you to ensure accuracy.

  • How do I use shortcuts for speech recognition?

    When entering Smart Teller, select option 2 for speech recognition. Smart Teller will ask you for your member number and PIN. Then, once the menu options begin, you can state simple phrases to prompt Smart Teller into action. Also, if you say “HELP”, the system will give you additional guidance for using shortcuts.

    Please note, it’s best to have your Speaker Mode OFF when using Smart Teller’s speech recognition. This will help to limit background noise so that the automated service may hear you more clearly.

  • What is speech recognition?

    Speech recognition allows you to verbally speak requests to Smart Teller, instead of manually selecting a number for menu options.

    For example, instead of physically pressing the “2” button on your phone, you’ll have the option to either press OR say the word “Two.” Speech recognition also allows you to use verbal shortcuts instead of waiting for menu prompts. For example, if you ask Smart Teller, “What is the balance in my checking account?” then the system is designed to recognize the language and provide the requested information.

  • Is Smart Teller 24/7?

    Yes! Smart Teller is available 24/7.

    When dialing into 800.242.2120 during Contact Center operating hours, if you want to reach Smart Teller, you’ll be prompted to choose menu option 1, then choose menu option 1 again. Outside of business hours, you’ll only need to choose menu option 1 once, instead of twice.

    If you’re already in Smart Teller and wish to be transferred to a representative, you’ll be able to transfer to our Contact Center during regular operating hours, which are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM, and Saturday from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Simply press option 0 or say “zero” from any menu in Smart Teller.

  • What products are available for transactions on Smart Teller?

    Members can use Smart Teller to process transfers and/or payments on:

    • Savings
    • Checking
    • Money market
    • Share certificates
    • IRAs and IRA certificates
    • Credit cards
    • Personal loans
    • Auto loans
    • Mortgages
    • Home equity products
    • Readi Reserve lines of credit
  • How do I gain access to Smart Teller?

    Your member number and PIN will allow you to access Smart Teller.  If you’re new to our automated phone services, you’ll be prompted to confirm your account information and establish a PIN.

    If you need additional assistance accessing the Smart Teller system, speak with a representative during business hours at 800.242.2120.

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