Community Matters

Whether you’re a Visions member or just a part of one of the communities we serve, we always take time out to say thanks to you. Because we understand that money matters to people. And people matter to us. That’s why we give back to our communities in so many ways. Visions typically donates more than $500,000 to community organizations each year and educates more than 2,000 people of all ages with our financial literacy programs. Take a look at just some of the ways we’ve shown our appreciation over the years.


High school branches

Visions recently celebrated the opening of its 49th office at Maine-Endwell High School, bringing the current total of in-school branches to six. Students are paid employees and gain experience in the world of finance, learn valuable life skills. They are also offered scholarships for their hard work.


Raised for Making Strides Walk

Visions took its sponsorship a "step" further by assembling its own team, which raised several thousand dollars as part of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk benefiting the American Cancer Society.


Students participated in the 'Life is a Reality' fairs

Visions teaches high school students budgeting and gives information about making good financial choices at the "Life Is a Reality" fairs.


Runners in the 4 on the 4th Road Race

There were prizes for the top three runners overall and within each age category and a raffle held for those who attended the Fourth of July run filled with food and entertainment. Visions also made a $2,500 donation to the John Mack Foundation, which goes toward putting defibrillators in select locations across the Southern Tier.


Raised by Visions employees

As a result of a staff Denim Day, Visions employees raised money to benefit Center for Prevention & Counseling’s services located in Newton, New Jersey.


Of surprises

We like to surprise people with free things, whether that be All-Day Mega Passes to Chucksters, Sussex Miner baseball tickets or free food vouchers at concerts!


Raised by the Visions Cup

Visions hosted a tournament between the minor league baseball's Reading Fightin’ Phils and Binghamton Rumble Ponies. We gave away free tickets to members, who watched the two teams tie. The money was split between two organizations as the Rumble Ponies sponsored A Room to Heal and the Fightin’ Phils sponsored Baseballtown Charities.


Raised by employees

Employees from all three states donated money during an Employee Picnic and Denim Day. The funds were then given to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier to help feed families in the community.



For the 2017 American Heart Association Southern Tier Heart Walk, Visions raised over $13,000 to help fight heart disease and stroke and accounted for 91 participants, including ESPN’s Jay Williams. Jay is a Visions spokesperson and partner in financial literacy throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and his native New Jersey.



In 2017, Visions Federal Credit Union surprised back-to-school shoppers with $1,500 in gift cards to the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City, New York.



Our educators give so much to their kids and our communities. The Visions Loves Educators Classroom Program is just one small way we can give back to them. Each year, Visions awards full funding to projects submitted by educators at the elementary, middle, and high school levels in our New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey communities.

  • Walt – Owego, NY:

    “My wife and I spent 40-plus years with another local bank where our needs were not being met. When we joined Visions FCU, we were greeted with professionalism and enthusiasm – and also much better interest rates! Our daughter has since become a member as well. Keep doing what you are doing and you will continue to succeed!”

    Regina – Windsor, NY:

    “I love working with Visions FCU, especially the one on Upper Court Street. I am so grateful to have opened an account with them. They’re consistently so kind and helpful. Keep up the good work!”

  • Sheila – Robesonia, PA:

    “After my divorce, I wanted to be independent – especially when it pertained to finances. I rented for a year, saved money, raised my son, and wanted a home close to his school. Visions FCU helped me invest in a home and I am forever grateful!”

    Terry – Reading, PA:

    “I have been a member of Visions FCU since the ‘80s. What I’ve always appreciated is the friendly people who work there. As years passed, the personnel have changed, but there is one lady who has been there since the beginning. Whenever I go to Visions, I am always so glad to see her face. Thanks to all personnel past and present. Happy 50th anniversary!”

  • Emilia – Kirwkood, NY:

    “Two thumbs up! Visions FCU has helped me with all of my loans and transaction needs over the teller line. Thank you!”

    Carolyn – Fleetwood, PA:

    “We received the best interest rates and closing fees on our first and only home mortgage in January of 1984. We asked for a 15-year mortgage because the credit union interest rate was so much better at Visions FCU. Your staff has always been friendly, helpful, and caring. It makes me feel like I am talking to a special friend!”

  • Judith – Reading, PA:

    “I met my husband through work, we married and moved to the area. He had joined Visions FCU after his son recommended it to us. After we married, we decided I should join and keep everything together. The staff is all so attentive and personable. We wouldn’t bank anywhere else!”

    Shari – Vestal, NY:

    “Especially having been an employee, I am so proud of how far the credit union has come and how well it has maintained its hometown feel, comparably low fee structure, and consistently great service. I also really appreciate all the community support as well. Keep up the great work – thank you!”

  • Phil – Reading, PA:

    “Visions FCU grew with me. I have been self-employed for 20-30 years and in that time you have offered me a credit card, line of credit, home loan, mortgage, and business solutions – everything I have needed to grow my business and meet life’s needs.”

    Bob – Windsor, NY:

    “Shortly after becoming a member, we visited our son in North Carolina where our cards were not being honored. Visions called to tell us that someone had our cards and was skipping town. Things were straightened out, cards were reactivated, and we now have a long, mutual relationship. Thanks for protecting us, Visions! We have the comfort of knowing our security at Visions FCU is a ‘routine thing.’”



Visions wanted to brighten people’s daily commutes to and from work, school, and their daily activities by providing them with free breakfast or lunch at various fast food chains. We were able to partner with several Dunkin’ Donuts®, Burger King®, McDonald’s®, and Taco Bell® chains within our communities for our fast food giveaways. Customers were pleasantly surprised to be greeted at the counter by Visions employees, who kindly offered to pay for their meals.



When the Maine-Endwell Little League baseball team headed to the Little League World Series, Visions wanted to help escort their biggest fans to be by their side the day of the big game. We invested in a bus that would transport 50 fans to one of the LLWS games. The team not only became champions, but local celebrities in Endicott, New York, where Visions is headquartered.



To engage the students at Binghamton University, we wanted to try something different and fun by hosting a unique scavenger hunt on campus. The scavenger hunt encouraged students to participate on social media through the #ThanksVisions campaign. Several students who participated were rewarded with small prizes, which amounted to a total of $225 given away in gift cards.

  • Joshua – Horseheads, NY:

    “I opened my account in 2015 when I was saving up to buy a house. My credit at the time wasn’t the best, but Visions was able to show me different ways to help improve my credit, as well as explain how to take care of the debts I owed. Since then, my credit has improved tremendously. Everyone I have worked with at Visions FCU is AWESOME – Especially the Horseheads staff and branch manager, who has made it his personal goal to help my boyfriend get into a house within the year. Thanks for being the best community credit union around!”

    William – Endicott, NY:

    “I have never come to Visions FCU and been disappointed. I am always treated with respect whether I am dealing with a manager or any of the Visions personnel. I know that they will always give me their utmost attention. Thank you sincerely.”

  • Robert – Rochester, NY:

    “One of the bank reps made me feel comfortable talking about credit and later I became interested in Visions’ credit repair program. Visions FCU has helped me with management of my money, credit, and purchasing a new car. The real kicker in this journey with Visions is because of my work on my credit, I am now eligible to have a house built for my family and I. A total life change has been hatched due to me giving Visions a chance to lead and educate me on some very important matters that concern the quality of life for me and my family. I am extremely grateful for their services!”

    Maurene – Hamburg, NJ:

    “I was going through a divorce and needed a car. I went to my local office and spoke to them about my situation and they told me to write a letter explaining what was going on financially and ask them to consider a loan. My loan was granted and I now own my own home with no mortgage and have had many loans with Visions. You gave me the start to my new life and the money I needed to start over again. I have been loyal ever since. Thank you Visions!”

  • William – Reading, PA:

    “Where do I start?! I have been a member for years now. The people are friendly, helpful, and answer all of my questions whenever I need them. I have gotten my first loan here and it will certainly not be my last!”

    James – Reading, PA:

    “I joined Visions FCU to start my first car loan and have been a member for over 15 years since. Your employees are all very professional and experienced and help me with a lot of my loans and transactions. You guys are the best! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

  • James – Towanda, PA:

    “I joined Visions FCU shortly after moving back to northeast Pennsylvania. After only a year and a half, I was able to get a mortgage/bill and a consolidation loan which has made my life much happier. Everyone at the Wysox office are so friendly and very helpful!”

    Marie – Harrington Park, NJ:

    “When I married in 1976, my husband and I became joint members. Soon after, both sets of parents joined when memberships expanded to family members. In 1983, our son was born and an account was established in his name and has contributed to his interest and ability in managing his money. As the years have passed and the credit union has experienced changes, so have we. My husband and I became responsible for our parents’ finances and it was extremely helpful for us to be able to satisfy our family’s needs with one phone call or visit. We are very grateful for Visions FCU – thank you!”

  • Gladys – Bethlehem, PA:

    “Visions FCU was able to help me with applying for a credit card as well as switching over my SSI for me and my son with no hassle. I am beyond blessed to have found Visions!”

    Ariana – Reading, PA:

    “I opened my account to establish credit and my experience with Visions FCU has been amazing since!”





As the exclusive financial sponsor of Central New York’s Lakeview Amphitheater since 2016, we have been able to give away more than $20,000 in concert tickets, seat upgrades, backstage passes, and gift certificates. Visions also has a VIP tent to cater to members.



Giant Food Store in Shillington, Pennsylvania, partnered with us to host a free parking lot picnic that 192 shoppers were able to enjoy. Giant supplied the food, grill, utensils, and venue while Visions staff served as cooks for the day and made hot dogs for all customers who visited Giant.

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717 families were treated to free movie nights at various theaters scattered throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. When families stood in line waiting to purchase tickets at these movie theaters, our staff was eager to surprise them with free admission. Families in our communities enjoyed movies from Disney’s “Moana” to the highly anticipated Harry Potter spinoff, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” and even some throwback movies like “Back to the Future.”

  • Helmut – Apalachin, NY:

    “I was working at IBM Employees Federal Credit Union as a temporary employee in the payroll department back in the ‘60s. My father was an employee of IBM at the time and when the credit union started up as IBM, I convinced my father to sign me up as well. I have been a member since day one. Visions has come a long way since then and I have always been satisfied with the service and member treatment!”

    Christian – Reading, PA:

    “I have been a member for a little over a year now. In that year, Visions FCU has helped me with a car loan, building my credit, and all other banking needs. The staff has always been professional and friendly and I feel like I am a part of a family at Visions.”

  • Timothy – Baldwinsville, NY:

    “I have always been very pleased with all of the services at Visons FCU. Your staff always helps me reach my financial needs – especially the Syracuse branch. Thanks Visions!”

    Jocelyn – Reading, PA:

    “I needed a car and so I turned to Visions FCU as my dad was already a member. I found the car that I’ve always wanted and was able to get it because of Visions incredible services. Also, I needed a down payment for my wedding and your employees helped to make it all possible. Thank you, Visions!”

  • Chris – Madison, NJ:

    “When banking became entirely computerized, I had all kinds of trouble with my online checking account. A very kind employee helped me very often. He, and the rest of the staff, helped me to notarize, transfer funds, understand how things work, and straighten me out more times than I can count! I wouldn’t trade Visions FCU for any other bank ever because the people who work there take personal responsibility for actually helping their members. Your staff is the secret to your success!”

    Rob – Endwell, NY:

    “Years ago, I wrote a check to my utility company for $250. The company’s bank accidentally submitted my check to Visions FCU for $2,500. When I tried to use my card, it was declined for insufficient funds. I called my utility company who shrugged the problem off and told me to talk to my bank. Visions was able to track down where the problem was, fix it, and made sure I wasn’t charged for the bank’s mistake. Thanks, Visions!”

  • Marcella – Endicott, NY:

    “My husband had a stroke and I had no idea about finances. Visions FCU helped me get all of my banking matters in order. They also helped me through my divorce 12 years later. When my father became ill, they helped me with elder abuse and fraud. I don’t know how I would have made it through all of this without them! Thanks, Visions!”

    Anna – Owego, NY:

    “I became a member of Visions FCU when I was only 16 years old. My son, now 18, is a member as well. He will utilize his account to hopefully get schooling – what a blessing! Great staff and service at Visions – thank you!”

  • Grayson – Endicott, NY:

    “When IBM Credit Union first opened, I thought I would give it a try. The saving rates and the loan rates were the best around. Since then, I have opened accounts for my wife and three children. Visions FCU is the best and I plan on continuing for a long time to come!”

    Catherine – Reading, PA:

    “My husband and I had just become homeowners and needed a car, so we turned to Visions FCU where we were able to take out a loan. We then decided to open a checking account and both of our direct deposits also came to Visions. Your employees have helped our family a lot. Also, thank you to all of the tellers. They are all very friendly, know us by name and make us feel at home!”



Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, is a unique, family friendly place that we wanted to encourage our members to spend time at. We bought 20 annual passes to Animal Adventure and distributed them all to families attending the park during our free Family Day Celebration.



With one of the area’s biggest draws of the year being the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open PGA Tour Champions event, we wanted to step it up a notch for our 50th anniversary by becoming a co-sponsor of the Friday night concert. Some 200 tickets were given away to members and the community. Oh, and we also gave away 1,000 cupcakes at our hospitality tent to let the fans help us celebrate!

  • Donna – Vestal, NY:

    “Recently when we were making a deposit, the teller mentioned that my husband’s checking account was overdrawn. She looked into the problem and saw that the account was being depleted by someone in Maryland. Thanks to the great staff at Visions, our worst fears were put to rest immediately. Thank you!”

    Laurel – Reading, PA:

    “Your employee did a great job helping us with an auto loan and also offered us valuable information on lowering our mortgage payments. She was very knowledgeable and friendly and put us at ease about our finances. She was very patient with us and explained things in a way that was easy to understand. You have a tremendous asset with your staff!”

  • Mike – Lehigh Acres, FL:

    “When it came to the financial part of my life, my girlfriend at the time (and soon-to-be wife) told me that she uses this place called Visions Federal Credit Union. One day, she convinced me to ride over to the Vestal, NY, office. After learning a bit and talking to the staff, I opened an account and some real big changes in my financial life began. I am particularly thankful for one employee, who initially sat down with me and took the time to really talk with me. Thank you for educating and encouraging me!”

    Sandy – Rochester, NY:

    “After seeing the rates at Visions FCU, we wanted to speak to someone about a loan. One of your employees sat down with us, went through every piece of financial information we had, did the applications for us, and we had money immediately. She is outstanding to work with and whenever we need help with a financial decision, we call her. Thank you to the staff for all of your help!”

  • Gloria – Vestal, NY:

    “When my husband and I first joined the IBM Credit Union, it was a completely new concept for us. Over the years we have had several loans for the purchase of medium items such as recreational vehicles and automobiles and the prevailing interest rates for those loans have been consistently lower than those quoted by other financial institutions. When our children became college students, they each held checking accounts to manage their expenses while away from home.”

    Fernando – Bloomfield, NJ:

    “A friend suggested I visit the Englewood Cliffs office and introduced me to the branch manager who welcomed me. The manager provided me with a comprehensive financial review of what was available and how to proceed with various services. We proceeded with refinancing my residential mortgage, a home equity, checking and savings accounts, and online banking. Many thanks!”

  • Mary – Lakewood, PA:

    “Not only do I always get quick responses on loans whenever I apply, but I get great finance rates with Visions FCU! I can do business by phone with Visions officers, which is super convenient as I live out of area.”

    Sherry – Hackensack, NJ:

    “I have held my membership with Visions FCU through 55 years. I love my credit union! Visions is much more personal than a bank.”

  • Juan – Morris Plains, NJ:

    “I have been a member of Visions FCU since 2005 and been loving it ever since. The service is amazing and the overall credit union provides quality services.”

    Lewis – New Milford, PA:

    “I was working at IBM and needed a van. I went over on my lunch break to borrow the money to buy the van and have had it for 10 years since. Since then, I bought a 2009 new Honda CRV through Visions and it is paid for now. Visions is so much easier to borrow money from than a bank.”



Over 700 people received free delicious treats from small businesses throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania at our random “meetups.” These hidden gems included Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes in Endicott, New York, Abbott’s Frozen Custard in Rochester, New York, and the Community Cup in Wysox, Pennsylvania.



Winters in the Northeast can be brutal. Visions wanted to help make all of their members’ cars squeaky clean by investing in car wash passes. We purchased and distributed 60 car wash passes to our branches. Our employees then had the pleasure of surprising members who drove up to Visions drive-thru windows in dirty cars with the passes.

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200 baseball fans in Reading, Pennsylvania, were greeted at the gate by Visions employees with free tickets for that night’s game. While waiting in line, we explained to fans that the admission to the game was on us. These lucky fans were then upgraded to a Visions-exclusive pool party and buffet at the stadium.

  • Elizabeth – Binghamton, NY:

    “When we joined Visions FCU, we were able to consolidate the debt we incurred during my illness and our move. A few short months later, we were able to purchase a new car. We are expecting three more children to add into this mix. Visions services and reasonable rates have helped us keep our amazing credit scores intact while paying back what we owe. Thank you, Visions, for the fresh start you have made possible for my family!”

    Mary – Allentown, PA:

    “I work at Giant, so it only made sense for me to join when a Visions office was put in our store. Then working with one of your employees was such a joy, I knew I had made the right decision. When I had to have cataract surgery, I called her and she sent me to the right place to get a loan. It took less than half an hour to be approved and the money was in my account the next day. I would recommend Visions FCU to everyone. Your employees are so special!”

  • Ruth – Lancaster, PA:

    “My son was a member of Visions and told us about their low interest rates, so we went in and spoke with one of your employees. She was so helpful to us. Besides helping us apply for a car loan, she found a way to help consolidate our debts. Thanks, Visions!”

    Edward – Allentown, PA:

    “I find that all of the staff is always eager, friendly, and ready to help. Most of them know and greet me by name. The staff is always smiling. I have accounts at two different banks and Visions FCU is easily the friendliest and most helpful!”

  • Jenine – Horseheads, NY:

    “Visions FCU has been so convenient and has met all of our banking needs. Our children grew up with a Moola-Moola account and loved making deposits to get a free gift. Now they’re in college and still use Visions for all of their banking needs. Thanks for 22 great years!”

    Kathleen – Candor, NY:

    “I have been a member since I was a teenager and I am now approaching my retirement years. All of my children became members at a young age and they are now all grown adults. Their children are also becoming members. Getting loans for life necessities were always smooth and prompt. I have no complaints about Visions FCU – it was the best choice my dad made for me when he signed me up! “

  • Marie – Northvale, NJ:

    “I joined the credit union family back in the early ‘80s. Since then I have used checking and savings accounts, home equity line and home investment services. I have been happy with all of the services at Visions FCU for a long time!”

    David – Wilmington, NC:

    “Service, convenience, and integrity hasn’t changed in my almost 50 years of being a member. Keep up the great work, Visions!”

  • Mohamed – Reading, PA:

    “Your employees are very kind, professional, and trustworthy employees who always greet me with a welcoming smile. One employee in particular gave me a percentage rate that the bank was offering pending my credit score results. She honored that rate two days later and I applied for the loan. I recommend Visions FCU to all of my family and friends based on my experiences!”

    Louis – Endicott, NY:

    “I was one of the first IBM Owego employees to join on the first day of membership at Owego and have used the credit union exclusively for all of my financing – boats, cars, personal, etc. I have had pleasant experiences in all of my financial needs since day one!”



Not only did we want to brighten people’s days, but we wanted to keep them dry on the stormy ones. Between our 44 branches, we distributed 500 umbrellas to anyone passing by our branches on rainy days. Each umbrella had a tag that informed people about our 50th anniversary and the #ThanksVisions campaign.


    • 200 Club of Sussex County
    • 2Strive Media, Inc.
    • A Pathway to Hope
    • A Room to Heal
    • Abilities of Northwest Jerey, Inc.
    • AFSP South Central Chapter
    • AJQ Sports Management & Marketing
    • American Cancer Society
    • American Civic Association
    • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - South Central Chapter
    • American Heart Association
    • American Legion Post #157
    • American Red Cross of the Southern Tier
    • Anderson Center
    • Andrew Donahue Memorial Scholarship Fund
    • Animal Adventure Park
    • Apalachin Lions Foundation
    • Apalachin Youth Football League
    • Arrowhead Bible Camp
    • Athenian
    • AVRE
    • Baden-Powell Council, BSA
    • Bainbridge Lions Club
    • Baldwinsville Girls Volleyball Booster Club
    • Basketball Club of Broome & Tioga Counties
    • BC Kiwanis
    • BCCP&D Band
    • Beechwood Neighborhood Coalition
    • Bergen County Education Association PAC
    • Berks Arts Council
    • Berkshire Free Library
    • Best, Inc.
    • BHS Football & Cheerleading, P.A.
    • Big Vision Foundation, Inc.
    • Binghamton Boys Basketball
    • Binghamton Breakfast Rotary
    • Binghamton Bulldogs
    • Binghamton City School District
    • Binghamton Community Orchestra
    • Binghamton DECA
    • Binghamton High School
    • Binghamton Marathon
    • Binghamton Patriot Football
    • Binghamton Philharmonic, Inc.
    • Binghamton Rescue Mission
    • Binghamton Sertoma Club
    • Binghamton University
    • Binghamton University Foundation
    • Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park
    • Bizifit LLC
    • Black Physicians Network of Greater Rochester, Inc.
    • Blues on the Bridge
    • Borough of Park Ridge
    • Borough School
    • Boys & Girls Club of Allentown
    • Boys & Girls Club of Western Broome Family Center
    • Broadway Diner
    • Brookside School
    • Broome County Auto Dealers Council, Inc.
    • Broome County Council of Churches
    • Broome County Firefighters Association, Inc.
    • Broome County Habitat for Humanity
    • Broome County Parks, Recreation & Youth Services
    • Broome County Stallions
    • Broome County Urban League
    • Broome Tioga BOCES
    • Brothers for the Cross
    • Busy Bird Bluegrass Festival
    • Calvary Community Church
    • Calvin Coolidge Elementary School
    • Camp Star
    • Catholic Charities
    • Catholic Charities DisAbility Awareness
    • Catholic Charities of Broome County
    • CCE Chenango
    • Centenary University
    • Center for Hope & Safety
    • Center for Prevention & Counseling
    • Central Bradford County Chamber of Commerce
    • Centro Hispano Daniel Torres
    • CFSCN
    • Chemung County Chamber of Commerce
    • Chemung County Habitat for Humanity
    • Chenango County Fair
    • Chenango County Habitat for Humanity
    • Chenango County Historical Society
    • Chenango County Senior Citizens Council
    • Chenango County Sheriff's Employees Association, Inc.
    • Chenango Forks High School
    • Chenango Hellcats Legion Baseball
    • Chenango Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc.
    • Chenango Valley Hockey
    • CHOW
    • Church of the Holy Family
    • Cider Mill Playhouse
    • Clear Path for Veterans
    • Clocktower Theatre Company
    • CNY Jazz Arts Foundation, Inc.
    • CNY Latino
    • Collin Murray Memorial Golf Tournament
    • Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival
    • Comfort Zone Camp
    • Commerce Chenango
    • Community Foundation for South Central New York
    • Community Options, Inc.
    • Conkey Cruisers, Inc,
    • Connected Communities
    • Constance Foundation
    • Cornell Cooperative Extension Chemung
    • Cornell Cooperative Extension of Schuyler County
    • Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tioga County
    • Coughlin & Gerhart LLP
    • Council of Irish Association of Greater Bergen County, Inc.
    • Cucinella PTO
    • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
    • Dan Ricci Agency
    • Danielle House, Inc.
    • Dave Panella Memorial Fund
    • Dick's Sporting Goods Open
    • District 6 LL, Inc.
    • Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault Crisis Center
    • Down Syndrome Information Network STNY
    • Downtown Binghamton Business Association
    • Downtown Committee of Syracuse, Inc.
    • Duca Degli Abruzzi #443
    • Dwight Morrow High School
    • East Side Youth Association
    • Eastern Service Workers Association
    • ECG Promotions, LLC
    • Economic Opportunity Program, Inc.
    • Elk Lake High School
    • Elmira Blessed Sacrament Parish Office
    • Elmira Corning Regional Association of Realtors
    • Embroidery & Screen Printing Network
    • Endicott First Presbyterian Nursery School
    • Endicott Performing Arts Center
    • Endicott Restaurant Week
    • Endicott Sertoma
    • Endicott Teener League
    • Endless Mountain Health Systems
    • Endless Mountains Pregnancy Care Center
    • Endwell United Methodist Church
    • Englewood Cliffs Fire Department
    • Englewood Cliffs PTA
    • Englewood Hospital Medical Center Foundation
    • EPIC
    • Fairview Board of Education
    • Family Enrichment Network, Inc.
    • Family Planning of South Central New York, Inc.
    • Family Promise of Bergen County
    • Family Service Association of NEPA - Sporting Clays
    • Five Rivers Council, BSA
    • Food Bank of the Southern Tier
    • Foundation for Hackettstown Medical Center
    • Frame to Please
    • Frankford Township
    • Friends of Rogers
    • Friends of the Shade Tree
    • Fury Fastpitch
    • Garden Saving FCU
    • Geater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce
    • George F Johnson Memorial Library
    • Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways
    • Goggleworks Center for the Arts
    • Good Shepard Communities Foundation
    • Goodwill Theatre Inc.
    • Gooney Bird Detachment Marine Corps League
    • Governor Mifflin Middle School PAC
    • Governor Mifflin Unified Booster Club
    • Governor Miffllin School District
    • Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce
    • Greater Binghamton Education Outreach Program
    • Greater Binghamton FC
    • Greater Binghamton SCORE, Chapter 217
    • Greater Binghatmon Chamber of Commerce
    • Greater Cicero Chamber of Commerce
    • Greater Lehigh Valley REALTORS
    • Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    • Greater Reading Convention & Visitors Bureau
    • Greater Rochester Community of Churches
    • Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation
    • Greek Peak Holdings
    • GSR Crossfit
    • Hair of the Dog 5K
    • Hamton Twp. Fire & Rescue
    • Harford Agricultural Society
    • Harpursville Central School
    • Harpursville JSHS
    • Having Only Positive Expectations (H.O.P.E.)
    • HBA of Berks County
    • HDSA NY/NJ
    • Heath Village
    • Help Getting Healthy
    • Hibernian Parade Committee
    • Hillel Academy
    • Hillel Academy of Broome County
    • Hillside Children's Foundation
    • Historic Owego Marketplace
    • Holly Mariani Golf Tournament
    • Holy Name of Mary Harvest Moon Festival
    • Home Builders Association of Berks County
    • Humane Society of Schuyler County
    • Huntington Family Centers
    • HYPELITE, Inc.
    • I Run For…Half Marathon
    • India Culteral Centre of Triple Cities
    • Jewish Community Center
    • Jim Gash
    • John Fletcher
    • John Mack Foundation, Inc.
    • Johnson City Athletic Booster Club
    • Johnson City Learning Center
    • Johnson City Middle School Student Government
    • Johnson City Police Department
    • Johnson City Rotary
    • Johnson City Soccer Association
    • Josh Palmer Fund
    • Jrama's Catering Hall & Event Center
    • K.E.E.P. Inc.
    • Kalurah Shriners
    • Kiwanis Club of Owego
    • Kiwanis Lions Rotary
    • Knights of Columbus
    • Kopernik Observatory & Science Center
    • KW Fitness
    • Lake Country Players
    • Learning Forward New Jersey
    • Lee Barta Golf Tournament
    • Leonia High School
    • Lightning Fastpitch 12U
    • Literacy Volunteers of Broome-Tioga Counties, Inc.
    • Little Italy Endicott
    • Live Like Liz, Inc.
    • Lourdes Hospital Foundation
    • LUMA Projection Arts LLC
    • Mahwah Fire Department Co. 2
    • Mahwah High School Project Graduation
    • Mahwah PBA Local #143
    • Mahwah Schools Foundation
    • Mahwah Schools Foundation
    • Maine Endwell Central School District
    • Maine Endwell Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Foundation
    • Make-A-Wish Central New York
    • March of Dimes
    • Marine Corp League Detachment 747
    • Market Street Sports Group
    • Mason P. McKan Benevolence Fund
    • McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Site
    • ME Hockey Club
    • Meals on Wheels of Western Broome
    • Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier, Inc.
    • Mercy House of the Southern Tier
    • Midland Park Public Education Foundation
    • Midstate Youth Hockey Association
    • Mom's House
    • Montour Falls Fire Department
    • Montrose Area Chamber of Commerce
    • Montrose Area High School
    • Montrose Football Booster
    • Montrose Minute Men, Inc.
    • Montrose Minutemen, Inc.
    • Morris County Council of Education Associations, Inc.
    • Morris County Historical Society
    • Morris County Retired Educators Association Philanthropic Fund, Inc.
    • Morris Hills High School Torch Yearbook
    • Morristown High School Colonial Touchdown Club
    • MOST Foundation
    • Motgage Bankers Association
    • Mothers & Babies Perinatal Network
    • Msgr. Tidick Golf Tournament
    • Musconetcong Watershed Association
    • National Track & Field Junior Olympics
    • NEPA Community Health Care
    • New Jersey Credit Union League
    • New Milford Board of Education
    • Newark Valley Historical Society
    • Newark Valley Historical Society-Celebrations
    • Newton High School Class of 2018
    • Nichols-Tioga Little League
    • NJ Credit Union Foundation
    • Northeast Bradford School District
    • Northwest Christian School
    • Norwich Baseball Boosters
    • Norwich BID
    • Norwich Football Boosters
    • Norwich Oxford Little League
    • O.L. Davis Fire Company
    • Olivet Boys & Girls Club
    • Opportunity House
    • Owego Dog Owner's Group
    • Owego Fallen Firefighters Golf
    • Owego Free Academy
    • Owego Free Academy Class of 2017B
    • Owego Junior Football League
    • Owego Kiwanis
    • Owego Little League
    • Owego Rotary Club
    • Paige's Butterfly Run
    • Paramus Fire Department
    • Park Ridge Recreation
    • Pascack Hills High School
    • Passaic County Education Association, Inc.
    • Peekskill Hispanic Community Inc.
    • Pennsylvania Credit Union Foundation
    • Perry Browne Intermediate School
    • Phantom Chef
    • Phoenix Awards
    • Pompton Lakes High School FBLA
    • POST 5643 VFW Auxiliary
    • Project Graduation 2018
    • Promo One of NJ, Inc.
    • Prospectus Berco
    • Queens Recognize Queens
    • Rainbow Pride Union at Binghamton University
    • Rajah Shrine Circus
    • Ramsey Farmers' Market
    • Randolph HS Band Parents Association
    • Reading Berks Association of Realtors
    • Reading Liederkranz
    • Reading Rotary Club Foundation
    • Reading Senior High School
    • Red Barn Technology Group
    • Redhouse Arts Center Inc.
    • Regional Economic Development & Energy Corporation
    • RHS School Show
    • Ridgefield Park Jr Sr High School
    • Ridgewood Board of Education
    • River Valley Regional YMCA
    • Riverfest Committee
    • Roberson Museum & Science Center
    • Rochester Police Foundation, Inc.
    • Rocheter Jewels, Inc.
    • Rock in the Park
    • Rockaway Township Public Library
    • Roosevelt Elementary
    • RTS Middle School Student Council
    • Rutherford Hall Foundation
    • Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church
    • Saddle Brook Educational Foundation 5K
    • Samaritan Counseling Center
    • Sayre Area Jr. Sr. High School
    • Sayre Historical Society, Inc.
    • Sayre Jr/Sr High School
    • Sayre Little League
    • Sayre Public Library
    • School-to-Careers Partnership of Broome & Tioga Counties
    • Schuyler County Italian American Festival
    • Schuyler County Little League
    • Schuyler Health Foundation
    • Scleroderma Foundation
    • SCSD Educational Foundation
    • Security Mutual Life
    • Seneca Waterways Council, Boy Scouts of America
    • Seton Catholic Central
    • Seton Catholic Central High School
    • SHRM L.V. Chapter
    • SML-All-Star Golf Tournament
    • Sock Out Cancer
    • Southern Tier AIDS Program, Inc.
    • Southern Tier Chapter of NYSSCPA
    • Southern Tier Economic Growth
    • Southern Tier Independence Center
    • Southern Tier Law Enforcement Memorial Association
    • Southern Tier Starlites
    • Southern Tier Young Professionals
    • Southern Tier Youth Hockey
    • Spalding Memorial Library Event
    • Sparta Police Athletic League
    • Sparta UNICO Foundation
    • Special Olympics Broome Tioga
    • Spencer Fire Department
    • Spencer Van Etten High School Yearbook
    • Spencer-Van Etten Alumni Association, Inc.
    • Spiedie Fest/Balloon Rally Expo 2017
    • St Anthony of Padua Church
    • St Joseph's Church
    • St. James Church
    • St. John the Evangelist School
    • St. Paul Catholic Church
    • STAAR Leaders of Rochester, Inc.
    • Stamped Fittings Inc.
    • Strawberry Shake 5K Sponsorship
    • Strong Kids Safe Kids
    • Sunset View Creamery
    • SUNY Broome Community College
    • Susquehanna County CTC
    • Susquehanna County Interfaith
    • Susquehanna Valley Chemical Free After Prom Party Committee
    • Sussex County Community College Foundation
    • Sussex County Education Association
    • Sussex County Retired Educators Association
    • Syracuse Automobile Dealers Association, Inc.
    • Syracuse University
    • Syracuse University Athletics
    • Team HopeFull
    • Tenafly Education Foundation
    • Tennis Charities of Binghamton, Inc.
    • The Addiction Center of Broome County, Inc.
    • The ALS Association, Upstate New York Chapter
    • The American Cancer Society
    • The ARC of Chemung
    • The ARC of Schuyler
    • The Bandera Family and Community Alliance, Inc.
    • The Boys & Girls Clubs of Binghamton
    • The Center for Teen Empowerment
    • The Children's Home of Reading
    • The Community Chest
    • The Community Foundation for South Central New York
    • The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier
    • The Empowerment Zone, Inc.
    • The Greater Binghamton Chamber
    • The Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York, Inc.
    • The Magic Paintbrush Project
    • The Mahwah Schools Foundation
    • The Mitchell Insurance Agency
    • The Newland Center for Adult Learning & Literacy
    • The North Warren Lions Club
    • The Phantasy Factory
    • The Place
    • The Reading Fair
    • The Reading League
    • The Reading Public Museum
    • The Retired Professional Fire Fighters Fund
    • The Specific Chiropractic Center
    • The Valley Chorus
    • The Voluntary Action Center
    • Thomas Jefferson PTA
    • Tigers Softball Association
    • Tioga County Agricultural Society
    • Tioga County Boys & Girls Club
    • Tioga County Chamber of Commerce
    • Tioga County Youth Soccer Association
    • Tioga History Museum
    • Tioga United Way
    • Top Drawer 24 Team
    • Towanda Area Christian Outreach Food Pantry
    • Town of Owego
    • Tri Cities Opera
    • Triple Cities Makerspace Inc.
    • Triple Cities Runners Club
    • Triple Cities Street Rods
    • Troy Fair
    • True Friends Animal Welfare Center
    • Truth Pharm
    • U Club Binghamton
    • U-E Italian Exchange Boosters 2017
    • UE Cross Country Booster Club
    • UE Football Booster Club
    • UHS Foundation
    • Union Endicott Central School District
    • United Way of Berks County
    • United Way of Broome County
    • United Way of Northern New Jersey
    • United Way of Schuyler County
    • Upstate Golf Charities, Inc.
    • Valley Youth Soccer
    • Van Etten Fire Dept 17
    • Vera House, Inc.
    • Vestal Cagers
    • Vestal Coal House
    • Vestal Gridiron-Cornelius
    • Vestal High School
    • Vestal PBA
    • Vestal School Foundation
    • Vestal Senior High School
    • Vestal Softball Diamond Committee
    • VINES
    • Volunteers of America of Upstate NY
    • Warren County Community College Foundation
    • Warren/Sussex County NAACP
    • Washington Business Improvement District
    • Washington Celebrates America
    • Washington Township School District
    • Watkins Glen
    • Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce
    • Watkins Glen Fire Department
    • Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel
    • Watkins Glen Promotions
    • Watkins Montour Rotary Club
    • Waverly Little League
    • Whitman School of Management
    • Williams Subaru of Sayre
    • Williams United Way
    • Wilson Youth Baseball & Softball
    • Windsor Central School District
    • Windsor High School
    • Windsor Post Prom
    • Windsor Youth Sports & Recreation
    • Wyalusing Area Education Foundation
    • Wyalusing Valley Wine Festival
    • YMCA of Broome County
    • YMCA of Reading & Berks County
    • YWCA Elmira & the Twin Tiers
    • YWCA of Binghamton/Broome County
    • Zonta Club of Northern Valley, NJ, Inc.
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