Simply call 833.224.5785 for 24/7 support for the following requests:

  • Card activations
  • Report fraud or dispute charges
  • Report a lost/stolen card
  • Change your PIN
Fraud / Disputes Fraud Alert Program

If an unauthorized charge is posted and you receive no resolution from the merchant, you may dispute the charge at 833.224.5785.

Call the number above so we may assist you with submitting disputes and inquiries into in-process disputes.

You can call 800.242.2120 and provide your mobile number to receive Fraud Alert text messages. By providing your number, you authorize Visions to notify you of suspected incidents of financial or identity fraud.

  • HELP instructions: Text HELP to 32874 for help or call 800.242.2120
  • STOP instructions: Text STOP to 32874 to cancel Fraud Alerts
Lost / Stolen    Replacement Card
When you report your card lost or stolen, a new card with a new 16-digit card number will automatically be issued to you. Regular card delivery via U.S. Mail is estimated at 7-10 business days. Replacement cards can also be instantly issued in most branch locations. To request a replacement card, you may log in to your Digital Banking account then select Card Controls located in the Quick Links on your digital banking Home page, or under the Services tab in the digital banking menu. You may also reach our Contact Center at 800.242.2120 menu option 4, or stop into any Visions office. 
Card Pin Number Card Status and Automatic Replacements 
If you have forgotten your ATM PIN, you may reach our Contact Center at 800.242.2120 menu option 4, or stop into any Visions office. Generally, when a card is closed due to being compromised or reported stolen, a new card is automatically issued, although there may be instances where the card cannot be automatically generated. To check the status of your new card, you may reach our Contact Center at 800.242.2120 menu option 4.

Your security is our top priority

We understand the importance of security and value your peace of mind. We have implemented an extra fraud prevention program to protect your credit and debit card but understanding how you can proactively identify fraud is important, too.

Visit our Security page to learn how you can better protect yourself.

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