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Visions Federal Credit Union understands the importance of security and we value your peace of mind. In considering the security of our members information, we have partnered with Stickley on Security to deliver informative and relevant tutorials about how you can be proactive in protecting your information. The best way we can protect your account data is to educate you about the common fraud and scams that occur on a regular basis. Please review the video tutorials below to learn more about how you can keep your personal information safe.

The educational videos below represent the views of Stickley on Security.

How We Keep You Protected

Visions is committed to managing your information security for all of the services we offer to you on the Internet, over the phone, or in our branches. Our dedicated information technology professionals ensure your data is protected on multiple levels through:

  • Data encryption
  • Password protection
  • Data network infrastructure
  • Physical safeguards
  • Independent data network testing and certification

Data Encryption

All member data is encrypted as it travels through our network so you can rest assured your vital personal information is safe. We use the strongest encryption techniques recognized by the financial industry and federal regulators.

When logged in, you can verify your data is safe by looking for the small lock icon in your web browser's address bar. This indicates you are using an encrypted connection.

Password Protection

Your passwords are stored in an encrypted format and no one, including Visions employees, has access to them. And we will never ask you for them.

ATM Enhancements for EMV

In 2015, we enhanced all of our Visions debit and credit cards with the latest EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) technology.

This technology encrypts the chip on your card anytime the card is used at a merchant with an EMV terminal.

We are currently in the process of enhancing all Visions ATMs with this security feature to better protect your member information. This new layer of security will allow the ATM to retain your card for the entire duration of your transaction, with screens instructing you on when to insert and remove your card.

Please follow the onscreen instructions for an easy, smooth transaction.

Data Network Infrastructure

Visions maintains internal security devices to ensure that no unauthorized users can access confidential member information at any time. By using network based anti-virus, firewall, and intrusion prevention systems, we ensure that your data is safe.

Visions restricts physical access to computer servers to those personnel who require access as part of their jobs. We also use industry standard dual-control methods when handling sensitive information so we can ensure it is secure at all times.

Independent data network testing and certification

Visions security infrastructure is regularly audited and inspected by external firms that specialize in security processes and technologies. Visions has relationships with third-party monitoring firms that will immediately alert our staff if they should see any suspicious activity trying to penetrate our network defenses.

Security Brochures