Donate with Givio FAQ

  • Which organizations are available for donation?

    Givio lists any IRS approved nonprofit organization in the United States, which totals about 1.6 million. To search for an organization, all you need is the organization’s title or EIN (Employer Identification Number, similar to a tax ID number).

    Searching by the EIN will provide more accurate and reliable search results. For example, if you search “United Way,” Givio will list every United Way location in the U.S. If you search the EIN of your local United Way, your results will be narrowed down to include only your local chapter.

  • Is there a limit for donations with Givio?

    Yes. Your donations can be any amount from $5 to $2,500 per transaction.

  • Do I need to enroll in Givio to donate?

    No, there is no enrollment process specific to Givio. As long as you are enrolled in digital banking, you can Donate with Givio.

  • How do taxes work with this feature?

    Following each donation, Givio immediately sends a receipt to the email address that you have on file with Visions. This receipt can be used for tax purposes.

  • How do I track my donations?

    A list of all your donations can be found under “My Donations” within Givio.

    Or, you can visit your account's transaction history in digital banking, where we always store your account activity for your easy, convenient reference.

  • When will the organization receive my donation(s)?

    At the time of your donation, the funds will be immediately withdrawn from the Visions account you've selected. Then, once a month, Givio disperses the funds to the proper recipient organizations.

  • Are there any fees involved?

    No, this is a completely free service for our members.

  • What is this feature?

    Donate with Givio is a free digital service that allows members to donate to organizations directly from their Visions account through digital/mobile banking.

  • Where can I access this feature?

    Donate with Givio is available in digital banking under MENU > DONATE WITH GIVIO.

  • Who can Donate with Givio?

    All members enrolled in digital banking are eligible to Donate with Givio using their Visions account.

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