Discount Brokerage

BestVest Online is your credit union discount brokerage account where you can buy stocks, bonds, options, and mutual funds using funds in your Visions account. Sale proceeds are also deposited into your account and available for immediate use on settlement date.

Whether you're saving for college or retirement, looking for long-term growth, income or speculation, BestVest Online is right for you!

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Why use your credit union's discount brokerage program?

  • Your Investment Account Linked to your Visions Account

  • No Account Minimums

  • No Inactive Fees

  • Personalized Service

Cheapest isn't always best.

Some discount brokers may be cheaper when it comes to commissions, but you do get what you pay for. Do you know the name of the traders you work with? Are you aware of the hidden fees associated with those accounts? Some online brokers have account minimums and pay you no interest for your cash. Some have inactive fees or require you to keep a minimum account balance. Some even charge you for a paper copy of your statement. And most charge you if you close your account.

With our Discount Brokerage Program, you never pay an inactive fee, your cash stays in your credit union account until it's time to buy, and if you decide to close your account, no fee. Our staff is small and our capabilities large. You'll get the personalized service you're accustomed to with Visions. You'll have access to online or broker-assisted trading at a fraction of what full service brokers charge. You'll know our traders names and they'll get to know you. For more information, contact Denise or Mike at 800.434.1776, or send us an email message.

Charles Schwab1,00050YY
TD Ameritrade0075Y
* Exceptions may apply depending upon account type/size/activity.

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BestVest Online Offers:

  • Online trading

  • Toll free and broker-assisted trading

  • Real-time account activity

  • Access to account holdings, trading history, and your new account information

  • A flat commission rate of $24.95 (+ .02/share on limit orders). Please contact us for a complete list of fees.

  • Direct settlement with your Visions account

  • An easy to use point and click drop down menu

  • Toll free phone service.

Open an account today

We make it easy for you to open your BestVest Online account. Just call 800.434.1776 to open your account and place your order immediately, or open your account online:

To ensure your privacy, your application will be processed on BestVest's secure server. All information will be encrypted in transit. Please complete the online application, print the returned form, sign it, and mail to:

BestVest Investments, Ltd.
Attn: New Accounts
600 N. Jackson St Suite 305
Media, PA 19063

Remember, our receipt of the signed original will help to ensure you avoid backup tax withholding. BestVest – The Best Way to Invest!

The credit union is not a registered broker. Discount Brokerage Services are executed through BestVest Investment, Ltd., clearing through RBC Correspondent Services, Members FINRA/SIPC.

Members and clients of the Discount Brokerage Program are advised that this program offers services which permit the member to invest in investment securities which: 1. are not federally insured; 2. are not obligations of the credit union; 3. are not guaranteed by the credit union or any affiliated entity; 4. involve investment risks, including the possible loss of principal.

Visions Federal Credit Union is not affiliated with BestVest Investment, Ltd.

Not NCUA InsuredNot Credit Union GuaranteedMay Lose ValueNot a Credit Union Obligation