The pandemic may have restricted the way many of us lived, but it pushed the housing market beyond historic boundaries. Now those same homes we were stuck in during quarantine are worth more than ever before, making home equity lines of credit even more attractive.

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Median home prices have skyrocketed since the onset of the pandemic. That puts homeowners in a now-more-than-ever type situation when it comes to using your home’s equity to get things you want or need. 

Taking advantage of a home equity line of credit is a smart money move, especially when 0% introductory interest rates and no closing costs are being offered*. Let’s look at a few ways a HELOC can help you today…

Consolidate Debt

If you’ve got multiple sources of debt with various interest rates, here’s your chance to put them all together under one APR. This simplifies your bills and potentially saves you a ton of money, especially when there’s a 0% promotional interest rate involved.

Make Home Improvements

If you’ve been putting off that bathroom or kitchen remodel, now’s the time to revamp your space. A promotional interest rate makes this a great opportunity to knock a few home improvements off a list that’s likely been growing since you were spending more time in your house.

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Send the Kids to College

If you’ve been struggling with how to fund a college education, a HELOC might be one pathway to finance at least a few semesters. HELOCs come with decent credit limits to help you get intimidating tasks like getting the kid(s) off to college. No closing costs make this a no-brainer.

Pad the Emergency Fund

If you’re sweating the next home emergency due to lack of savings, a home equity line of credit is one way to help you relax when it comes to prospects of tanking water heaters, AC that goes caput, or leaky roofs. Grab that HELOC and be well prepared for just about anything.

Imagine all the things your home can do for you – especially now. Debt, home upgrades, school, or even emergencies, a home equity line of credit can make those things – and many more – happen.

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