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Home Equity Line of Credit



Introductory APR*
First 6 months

  • Apply once, use your line as needed
  • Great for emergency expenses

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Make Your Home Equity Work for You

You've worked to build equity in your home. It's an investment, and a home equity line of credit (HELOC) can be the repayment.

A HELOC tends to have lower rates than other loans because the value you've built in your home acts as security. And the interest you pay on many home equity loans is tax-deductible, helping you save twice.

Some notes: The minimum annual rate is 3% APR for The Any Purpose HELOC. The maximum is 15.8% APR or the NCUA limit, whichever is less.

Find Out How Much Equity You Have

Your home's equity is one of the key factors to determine how much you can borrow.

So what is your equity? Use this simple calculator to find out.

Home Equity Calculator

Appraised Value of Home:

Mortgage Balance:


  • $0K - $5K equity: check back in 12 months
  • $6K - $15K: Congratulations on building equity - time to consider a home equity product!
  • $16K+: Congratulations! Ask for details on how you can really benefit from a home equity product!

Any Purpose HELOC

  • Prime minus 0.25 percent for the life of the loan.
  • 80% - 100% of equity (appraised values minus first mortgage) up to $250,000
  • Less than 80% of equity up to $500,000
  • 10-year draw, 20 year repayment term
  • At the end of the 20 year repayment term you may be required to pay the entire balance in a single "balloon" payment

Visions will not subordinate or agree to the assignment of any oil/gas/mineral rights lease to a third party.

Payments referenced do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums, if applicable, and the actual payment obligation will be greater.

You may be required to pay certain fees to third parties to open a Fixed Rate Home Equity or Home Equity Line of Credit. These fees generally total between $625.00 and $4,875.00. If you ask we will provide you with an itemization of the fees you will have to pay to third parties. Certain fees may be considered a finance charge. Proof of home owner's insurance is required. Flood Insurance may be required. Escrow accounts may be required.

Credit Union membership is required with a $25 minimum deposit.

Variable rates may change monthly, on the first of each month, based on the applicable index and margin. The index is determined by using the Prime Rate as advertised in the Wall Street Journal as of the 15th of the previous month. The margin is minus 0.25% with a floor of 3%.

If you would like to apply for a Fixed Rate Home Equity or Home Equity Line of Credit, please apply in your local branch office.

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