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One of the best ways to boost your savings might also be the steadiest investment you can make. But, low risk doesn't have to mean low reward with a Double Bump Share Certificate from Visions.

We think share certificates are a smart move for your money, so we up the reward with an extra bump to your rate of return during the term. A Double Bump Share Certificate with Visions increases the annual percentage yield (APY*) twice during the 36-month term. That means you get the best return for your money, no matter the current market conditions.

Just $500 is enough to get started and deposits are federally insured by the NCUA up to $250,000. With convenient terms and money-making returns, it's a great way to create a little extra savings for long-term goals like college, retirement, down payments for a new house or vehicle, or even a special vacation.

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How Much Will My Double Bump Share Certificate Be Worth in 36 Months?

Use our handy share certificate calculator to see how much your Double Bump will be worth in 36 months. Simply enter your investment, adjust the term, and input the interest rate of 2.50% to see your results! (Note: the interest rate is compounded daily; for a 36-month term, this will automatically calculate the 2.53% APY rate.)

This calculator is for estimating purposes only. The calculator will not factor in leap years which may occur during a share certificate's term. Please consult with a representative for further questions.

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