Flood Relief Assistance

Flood Relief Assistance

On Thursday, January 24, 2013, Visions donated a total of $35,000 to the following local agencies to assist with on-going flood relief efforts: The United Way of Broome County, Tioga County United Way, Inc., Tioga Opportunities, and Tioga County Senior Citizens Foundation.

"We know that many of the area communities we serve are still in the process of getting back on their feet in the wake of Hurricane Lee and that many residents, including senior citizens, are still attempting to get back in their homes,” said Mr. Frank Berrish, President and CEO of Visions. “Many homes still need repair, basic personal belongings need to be replaced and necessities like food, medication, and adequate heating need to be provided. Many continue to experience hardships 16 months later."

Visions will assist in area recovery efforts by funding these four organizations which have already demonstrated outstanding assistance in their floor relief efforts.

Pictured above, left to right, are: Ken Burt, Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, Visions; Jim Felmet, Executive Vice President, Visions; Michelle Jeavons, AVP/Auditing/Compliance Review Officer, Visions; David Woodburn, Deputy Director , Tioga Opportunities; Frank E. Berrish, President/CEO, Visions; Jayne Searles, AVP/Marketing/Business Development Officer, Visions; Ed Butler, Senior Vice President/Chief Operations Officer, Visions ; Ralph Kelsey, Vice President, Tioga County Senior Citizens Foundation; Brian Eldridge, Executive Director, Tioga County United Way, Inc.; Carolyn Wright, Secretary, Tioga County Senior Citizens Foundation; Phill Ginter, Director, Community Impact and Engagement, The United Way of Broome County; and Jo Anne Potter, Account Executive, The United Way of Broome County.