Personal loans with low annual percentage rates. Borrowers as young as 14 (with parental consent). No collateral needed.

That's as flexible as you get. Check our latest rates.

Personal Loans

We offer personal Signature Loans for borrowers age 18 and older. Borrowers may borrow $1,000 - $30,000 depending on their income and creditworthiness. A signature is required.

My Own Loan

We offer My Own Loan for our younger members. Borrowers from 14 to 17 can borrow between $50 and $350 for up to a year. Borrower must have written consent from a parent, and there's a maximum two loans per household.

Relationship Builder

If you're a member in good standing and maintain one of the following relationships, you can qualify for our special relationship-builder rates:

  • VisionsPlus Checking with Visa Check Card.
  • VisionsDirect Checking with direct deposit, Visa Check Card, and automatic payment on new loan.
  • Visions "E" Checking, Visa Check Card, active bill payment, and e-statements.
  • HSA Checking.
  • Loan balances totaling $25,000 or more (including HELOC, with a minimum $25,000 balance).
  • Loan balances totaling $50,000 or more (including mortgage).
  • Investment portfolio of $100,000 or more in Estate & Trust Services Department.