Payment Protection Insurance

You have dreams - a happy retirement, college plans, a new car. But what happens if you die or become disabled? How would your loved ones repay the financial obligations?

Member's Choice® term life and disability coverage. Member's Choice® reduces or pays off your covered loan balance should you die or should disability leave you unable to repay the balance.

You only buy enough protection to cover your loan balance, so you have exactly what you need - no more no less. Other benefits:

  • Automatic eligibility for most borrowers.
  • Simple enrollment.
  • No medical screening.
  • Immediate coverage.
  • Premium included in your payment.

For details, including exclusions and limitations, ask your loan officer about Member's Choice® term life and disability protection.

Member's Choice ®

  • Member's Choice® is not Federally insured insurance
  • Member's Choice® is not an obligation of Visions Federal Credit Union. The Insurance is voluntary and optional.
  • Member's Choice® is not guaranteed by Visions Federal Credit Union or any affiliated entity