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My MoneyGuide

My MoneyGuide

My MoneyGuide

Mobile Money
Management Tools

Total control of your financial life at your fingertips! My MoneyGuide is a free, mobile
personal financial management app.

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My MoneyGuide

All of Your Accounts in One Place

Viewing all of your accounts and maintaining financial wellness is available wherever you go. With My MoneyGuide from Visions Federal Credit Union, you can easily set budgets, track financial goals and stay on top of your finances.

Total Financial View

My MoneyGuide is a digital money management tool that allows you to link all of your accounts in a single app. Your total financial life can be categorized, charted and reviewed to better understand where your money is going. Organize your finances to set spending budgets, savings goals and much more!

Welcome to My MoneyGuide

Welcome to My MoneyGuide

Organizing your financial accounts ranging from checking and savings to 401(k) and investments accounts is now streamlined and convenient. My MoneyGuide is a digital money management app available for iOS and Android devices where you can view your complete financial picture.

Review some of the great features below.

A Dashboard Gives You Control

A Dashboard Gives You Control

The Dashboard view easily organizes your accounts, transactions, spending patterns and budgets. Navigate from the Dashboard to any of the great features and functions on My MoneyGuide to manage your spending categories, set up notifications and add accounts.

A Dashboard Gives You Control
All of Your Financial Accounts in One View

All of Your Financial Accounts in One View

Bring all of your financial information into one location. You'll see your Visions accounts, as well as loans, investments, and any other financial information you input from a multitude of institutions and providers.

Track Your Spending Habits

Track Your Spending Habits

How much are you spending weekly on coffee? Is your savings growing or not? You can now see the relative health of the budgets you create with Bubble Budgets. Expenses are grouped by type and the bigger the bubble, the more you're spending. You can see how healthy your budget is based on a color coding of green, yellow or red. Updating and editing your budgets is easy, with a tap of the bubble, you can quickly track your money.

Track Your Spending Habits
Notifications Make It Easy

Notifications Make It Easy

Frequent and timely updates about your financial health make it easy to understand where money is going and what it is used for. With My MoneyGuide you can easily establish notifications within the app, via e-mail and text message. Understand if that important deposit came in or if you were charged a fee.

View and Categorize Transactions

View and Categorize Transactions

Transactions can be organized and defined from all your accounts, allowing you to see how much you spend on everyday items such as groceries, gas, utilities and more. You control the time range by week, month or over time.

View and Categorize Transactions
Follow Your Money

Follow Your Money

Once you have categorized your spending, key visuals such as pie charts and bar graphs help you track spending in each category. The information is easily refined to understand the source of the expenses and what it means to your overall budget. With these tools at your fingertips, understanding your money has never been easier.

Understand What Each Category Means

Understand What Each Category Means

Selecting a graph section or detail will allow you to learn about the percentage of your overall spend which is allocated to that category. Doing so allows you to identify habits and trends in your financial life so you can make more informed decisions.

Understand What Each Category Means

Enrolling in My MoneyGuide

My MoneyGuide is free for Visions members and is easy to download from the App Store or Google Play Store. Search for it alongside our main app, Visions FCU Mobile.

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My MoneyGuide


What is My MoneyGuide?

My MoneyGuide is a digital money management tool that aggregates, organizes and tracks all of your financial information. With it you can identify expenses, create budgets, set goals and understand your complete financial picture.

Who can use My MoneyGuide?

My MoneyGuide is a free service for Visions FCU members. Link it to Visions FCU Mobile for an easy way to track all of your accounts and transact via mobile banking. If you are not a member, click here to join the credit union. You may also call our Contact Center at 800.242.2120.

Are there fees?

No. My MoneyGuide is a free service for Visions FCU members.

Is My MoneyGuide secure?

Yes. Using My MoneyGuide is safe. All data is transmitted over SSL with a VeriSign Class 3 Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

Is it difficult to set up and use?

No. Setting up your My MoneyGuide account is easy. Simply search “My MoneyGuide” in the App Store of Google Play Store, select the app in the store and download it to your device.

My MoneyGuide requires that you enter your email address and create a unique password. Once inside My MoneyGuide, you'll find built-in tutorials, FAQs and support services to help you set up and manage your accounts.

How long does it take to use My MoneyGuide the first time?

First-time users usually take 20-25 minutes to fully complete the process. However, you do not have to enter all of your information at once. My MoneyGuide saves your progress so you can pick up where you left off the next time you log in.

Why does My MoneyGuide require an active email address?

My MoneyGuide uses your email address as your unique user ID to verify your account during sign-up, to send alerts and for occasional communications from Visions FCU.

Where do I access My MoneyGuide?

My MoneyGuide can only be accessed through the App Store or Google Play Store and downloaded on your iOS or Android device.

Can I use my VisionLine Online Banking or Visions FCU Mobile login?

No. My MoneyGuide requires a unique email address login. However, you can setup a convenient and secure four digit passcode for quick access.

How does My MoneyGuide get my account information?

My MoneyGuide connects to Visions FCU and other institutions through secure connections by using your user ID and password for each institution's online banking setup to aggregate your financial data.

How does My MoneyGuide get my account information?

My MoneyGuide connects to Visions and other institutions through secure connections by using your user ID and password for each institution to collect your financial data.

Why do some of my accounts show more history than others?

The amount of transaction history in My MoneyGuide depends on the amount of data each financial institution makes available.

Is there a desktop version or VisionLine Online Banking version?

My MoneyGuide is available only within the App Store and Google Play Store as a mobile app. There is potential for My MoneyGuide to be brought to the desktop and online banking experience.

How do I enroll for My MoneyGuide?

To begin using the My MoneyGuide mobile app, you will need your email address and to create a unique password.

Can I change my login email?

Yes, you can change your login email address inside My MoneyGuide. Click the Menu button, select Settings and enter the new email address.

What if I need help?

My MoneyGuide includes built-in tutorials, FAQs and support services within the app. If you do not find the solution there, you can email support by clicking the Support menu within Settings. Or you can call the Visions FCU Contact Center at 800.242.2120 ext. 10265.

Can I share My MoneyGuide credentials with anyone?

You should not share your My MoneyGuide credentials with anyone. Your credentials are secure information that should never be shared with anyone.

How do I add my spouse or family members' accounts?

If you are cross-authorized on your family members Visions FCU account(s) they should display once you connect the accounts to My MoneyGuide. If you are a joint owner on those accounts, but they do not display, contact Visions FCU to setup cross-authorization access at 800.242.2120.

How do I link My MoneyGuide to Visions FCU Mobile?

Visions FCU Mobile has a menu within it titled My MoneyGuide. That menu will app link to the My MoneyGuide app for quick and convenient access back and forth. Once logged in to My MoneyGuide, a link will display in the top left corner of the app to go back to Visions FCU Mobile.

Provided you were still logged in to Visions FCU Mobile, you can seamlessly link back and forth to both apps. If you don't already have Visions FCU Mobile or My MoneyGuide downloaded, you will have to download them in the App Store or Google Play Store.

My MoneyGuide Terms and Conditions