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Biometric Access for
Mobile Banking

Biometric login capability is a secure and convenient way to make mobile banking even easier. Visions FCU is leading the way with dual biometric options for Visions FCU Mobile®.

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Account Access is Seamless!

Have you ever struggled with remembering your User ID and/or Password? Locked yourself out of your account and can’t reset yourself? Now with biometric login via Visions FCU Mobile®, you can choose fingerprint authentication and/or eyeprint authentication to make it easy. Touch ID™ and Eyeprint ID™ are two safe and convenient ways that Visions puts your accounts at your fingertips or the blink of an eye. Simply scan your fingerprint or eyeprint to log in to the mobile app. No need to remember login credentials.

Fingerprint Authentication

Fingerprints are a unique marker for every individual. Through sophisticated technology and advanced software, the clear and distinct differences of a fingerprint are defined. The sensor on the device scans the fingerprint, analyzes the pattern and converts it into a mathematical code. That code is stored in the mobile device and used to compare against future scans.

  • Faster and much more secure than a passcode
  • Able to scan your fingerprint from various angles
  • Save multiple prints on your device for account access

Available on these devices:

  • iPhone 5s and newer, iPad Air 2 and newer, and iPad Mini 3 and newer
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 and newer, Galaxy Note 4 and newer

Eyeprint Authentication

The Eyeprint is the map of blood vessels in the whites of the eyes. Each person has 4 Eyeprints - 2 in each eye - and they are unique to each person. The initial enrollment process only takes about a minute and will capture your Eyeprint on your smartphone or tablet camera. After that, logging in using your Eyeprint is as quick and easy as posing for the camera.

  • Initial setup only takes one minute
  • Security equivalent of a 50-character complex password
  • Works with contacts and glasses
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Requires a front facing camera
  • Requires minimum of 720p video resolution (about 1MP)

Don't wait! Download the Visions FCU app or become a member today and start enjoying more secure mobile banking.


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With Mobile Banking, you can transfer funds, locate nearby branches, make mobile deposits and pay loans anytime, using your smartphone or tablet.