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Bill Pay FAQ

  1. What is Bill Pay?
    Bill Pay is a service that makes it simple and convenient to pay bills electronically. Pay virtually anyone or any company through your online checking account. You determine who you want to pay and when you want to make the payment.

  2. What can I do with Bill Pay?

    • Pay anyone, anytime, anywhere, day or night from the comfort of your own computer.
    • Set up single or recurring automatic payments such as a car payment or rent
    • Expedite payments to individuals using the Person-to Person Payment feature
    • Use the Calendar feature to view scheduled payments and quickly set up additional payments or schedule a reminder with a few clicks
    • Personalize and send a Gift Check
    • Personalize and send Donation to the charity of your choice
    • Transfer Funds to an account in your name at another Financial Institution ($2500 daily transfer limit)
    • Schedule e-Notifications to receive payment and event notification information via email or text.
    • Lost track of time? Use the next business day or second business day delivery feature to expedite payments.
  3. Does it cost anything to use Bill Pay?
    Bill Payment is FREE for all members.

  4. Are there any fees?
    Only if you elect an optional service such as Gift Checks, Charitable Donations and Rush Payments.

    • Customized Gift cards/checks are $2.99 each
    • Customized Donation checks are $1.99 each
    • 'Next Business Day' delivery is $14.95
    • '2nd Business Day' delivery is $9.95

    Fees associated with optional services are debited from your bill payment account the first business day after the transaction is scheduled.

  5. Why should I use Bill Pay?

    • It's easy! Bill Pay is easy to set up and use. A built-in Shortcut feature anticipates the payments you are likely to make based on your payment history and will suggest the Payee, amount and process date based on your previous payments

    • Save time – Just think – no more trips to the post office to pay for stamps! If you pay 10 bills a month the "old-fashioned" way you're paying $52.80 or more a year. You also write (and order) fewer paper checks.

    • Stay organized – Your payment history is stored online so you won't have to file and sort through paper receipts. You'll have one location where you review and pay your bills - while at home, at work or traveling.

    • Gain peace of mind – You can schedule payments in advance so you won't have to worry about paying bills when you travel. Bill pay reminders (email or text) are also available that notify you it's time to pay your bill.

    • Helps the environment & saves paper – there are no checks to write or envelopes to mail. Plus, you'll do your part to ease emissions from transporting your bill from your home to your biller.

  6. Is it secure?
    Yes, as long as you keep your VisionLine user name and password private. We are committed to protecting your privacy. In addition to encryption, SSL (secure socket layer) technology and automatic sign out if your session is inactive for 10 minutes, Bill Pay requires you to establish Challenge Phrases and will prompt you to authenticate yourself during select transactions.

  7. Why do we use Challenge Phrases? And what happens when I don't know the answer?
    Challenge Phrases are included in bill pay as an additional security measure. There are certain times in bill pay when a Challenge Phrase will be presented. The Challenge Phrase must be answered correctly to continue.

    Occasionally you might enter an incorrect answer, after '3' failed attempts the system will be locked out. If you are locked out of your bill pay site due to an incorrect challenge phrase response, you will need to contact us at 607.754.7900 or 800.242.2120, ext. 10265. A representative will be able to unlock your account once you have provided information that verifies you are the account holder.

  8. Can I try it before I sign up?
    Sure. Check out the Demo the system and see just how easy it is!

  9. How do I Sign up?
    Enrolling is easy. Simply log into your account, click the BILL PAY tab, and follow the prompts to set up bill pay for your account. If you have any questions regarding enrollment or the online Bill Payment service, please call E-Commerce at 607.754.7900 or 800.242.2120, ext. 10265. Log into your account at