Paper checks, the most basic - and safest - way to transfer funds short of cash.

All our accounts also feature:

  • 24/7 access to ATMs and Phone Access Tellers.
  • Overdraft Protection.
  • VISA ® Check Card, the plastic way to cut a check.

Please review the checking brochure at right to explore available checking options.

Visa® Check Card

The perfect complement to your checking account. Combines the best of checks and credit cards. Use it at an ATM, or like a credit card, but it draws the money directly from your checking account. No more check cashing hassles - accepted anywhere you see Visa®. Check card requires one transaction per month to avoid $1 service charge.

Visa Check Card Rewards

The Visions Check Card Is Not a Credit Card

When you use your check card to make a purchase or to withdraw cash, the money comes directly from your checking account balance. It works like a check - only easier!

It also means free use of your checking account when out of town or traveling. It's good at more than 14 million merchants worldwide!