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Special Business Services

Pension plans, wire services, money management, savings bonds - We offer it all.

Running a business is much more than just taking in money for your product, and cutting checks to help pay for your materials. You need to manage cash flow, settle taxes and loans - and maybe it would be great to offer your employees incentives for their loyalty: pensions or savings bonds.

We can help you with all of it.

Money Management

ACH Origination/Direct Deposit - This makes creating your own direct debit and credits simple and easy. Use it for payroll, bill payment and collection, and cash management transfers.

  • Setup charge: $75
  • Monthly maintenance: $15
  • Handling charge: $5 per file
  • Transactions: 5 cents
  • Return item charge: $20

Contact our Member Business Lending department at 607.321.0645, or Business Services Development officer at 607.321.0805 for details.

Treasury Tax & Loan Services

As of January 1, 2011 you must submit your Treasury Tax and Loan Service payment electronically.

Members with a business checking account can call 800.945.8400 to participate. You will need to provide:

  • The credit union transit and routing numbers: 221375378.
  • Your nine-digit account number.

Direct Deposit

Safe. Easy. Free. Visions Federal Credit Union will find simple arrangements that work both for your business and the credit union. With a direct deposit plan, your employees can allocate funds to any variety of credit union accounts each pay period by simply completing the direct deposit forms.

To determine if direct deposit is an option for your business, contact the Business Services Development officer at 607.321.0805.

Electronic Wire Transfers

We can help you move funds from your checking account, through the Federal Reserve Bank to an account at just about any other financial institution. And we can do it at Visions branch for a low fee charged to your business checking account:

  • Outgoing Domestic (U.S.) via Telephone $25,000 or Greater: $25 per transfer
  • Outgoing Domestic (U.S.): $20 per Transfer
  • Outgoing International - U.S. Dollars Currency: $30 per Transfer
  • Incoming U.S. Dollar Currency (only currency accepted): $15 per transfer

Savings Bonds

Reward your employees for their service, or help them with bonds through an employee savings plan. It's a great way to help them save for the future.

Contact our Business Services Development officer at 607.321.0805 and see how easily this employee benefit can become a reality.

SEPS - Simple Pensions

Visions' Simplified Employee Pension plans let you make tax-deductible contributions to your employees' Individual Retirement Account. It's a great employee benefit that builds loyalty. And loyal employees are more productive employees.

SEPs let employers like you take advantage of the much greater contribution limits than are available with regular IRAs. And there's no extensive record-keeping, government filing, or legal work required.

For details and eligibility requirements, visit any Visions branch office and request a SEP starter kit. Or call our Deposit Services/IRA Specialist at 607.754.7900, ext. 10542.