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About Us

Member-owned and committed to the communities we serve for more than 50 years, Visions Federal Credit Union strives to build relationships that accommodate every stage of life. At Visions, it's not just the money that's there when you need it. We are.

We provide a safe place to keep and grow earnings while lending the money that buys a vehicle, gets the kids off to college, or makes homeownership a reality.

The more you participate in our co-operative, the more all members benefit. Your savings are helping your neighbor to buy a new car for their growing family or supporting a community member pursue their passion to become a small business owner.


You may hear about financial institutions that give back to their members once a year. That's not enough for us.

A Visions member is rewarded every single day with lower fees (and less of them!), lower interest rates on loans, and higher dividend rates on deposits.

In 2016, our member giveback was $17.7M in interest rates and $4.5M in fees.


At Visions, we understand that money is important to people. And people are important to us.

As a not-for-profit financial institution owned by our members, we value the communities we call home.

Throughout the year, Visions Federal Credit Union sponsors many events to benefit those in our community. Our employees also lend a helping hand wherever possible to causes they feel passionate about and pitch in as a team for various walks, runs, and other activities.

Vital data

Headquarters: Endwell, NY
Assets: $4.0 billion
ATMS: More than 100
Members: 184,000
Founded: 1966
Employees: 550

Vital data reported as of 3/31/17

Board of Directors

Dr. George S. Bobinski Jr.

NAME: George S. Bobinski, Jr.

TITLE: Chairman


Why did you decide to serve?

"I was impressed with the positive impact Visions was making on the community by offering tremendous value to both lenders and depositors, sponsoring numerous regional events, and contributing to many local charities."

What do you enjoy most about being a Board member?

"Working with an extraordinary, talented management team and Board to make decisions in an environment where we can put the members' interests first."

Alan G. Hertel

NAME: Alan G. Hertel

TITLE: Vice Chairman

CITY/STATE: Apalachin, NY

Why did you decide to serve?

"I have a strong belief in giving back to the community and have served on a number of Boards for different organizations. When I was given the opportunity to get involved with Visions I did some research and learned that Visions was an extremely well run credit union, and was poised for continued growth. Additionally, credit unions exist to help their members succeed and to support the communities they serve. These factors made it easy for me to serve."

What do you enjoy most about being a Board member?

"I sincerely enjoy the way our Board works together to keep Visions FCU moving in the right direction. While we may have different opinions on different issues, we are free to express those opinions and work collaboratively to reach a consensus. In addition to a strong and effective Board we really do have great leadership at Visions supported by a wonderful staff, and this shows in all the positive survey responses we receive. I am proud to be associated with a leader in the credit union industry."

Scott M. Hotalen

NAME: Scott M. Hotalen

TITLE: Treasurer


Why did you decide to serve?

"To be part of an organization that is vital to the success of the community I live in, raise a family in, and work in."

What do you enjoy most about being a Board member?

"The interaction with my fellow Board members, the management and staff of Visions and all of our wonderful members who make the credit union what it is... people helping people."

Kenneth H. Kidder III

NAME: Kenneth H. Kidder, III

TITLE: Secretary


Why did you decide to serve?

"I felt it was a great opportunity to be involved with the leadership of a very well run pillar of our community."

What do you enjoy most about being a Board member?

"The networking and educational opportunities the position offers, not to mention the experience gained in helping to oversee an organization that makes a positive difference to our community."

Steven P. Hill

NAME: Steven P. Hill

TITLE: Director

CITY/STATE: Endicott, NY

Why did you decide to serve?

"I decided to serve because I was invited and I had an interest in becoming involved in running a member owned financial institution."

What do you enjoy most about being a Board member?

"What I most enjoy about being a Board member is serving with a group of very dedicated people who truly believe that credit unions make a difference, and work very hard to make Visions successful."

Joan S. Lacey

NAME: Joan S. Lacey

TITLE: Director

CITY/STATE: Binghamton, NY

Why did you decide to serve?

"I applied to volunteer at Visions when I retired from IBM. I had always done volunteer work and now I had extra time and wanted to add a new challenge. I knew Pat Volpe (one of the original members) from work and always respected the work that he and others did to create the credit union."

What do you enjoy most about being a Board member?

"I have stayed with the organization because I enjoy learning about the financial industry, working with the intelligent and creative people on the Board and staff at Visions, and want to preserve the credit union philosophy for generations to come."

Christopher H. Marion

NAME: Christopher H. Marion

TITLE: Director

CITY/STATE: Binghamton, NY

Why did you decide to serve?

"I decided to serve Visions FCU as a volunteer because I strongly believe in the credit union philosophy and in the mission of Visions. Being a part of a financial organization dedicated to improving the lives of its members and the communities that they live and work in is very special to me."

What do you enjoy most about being a Board member?

"What I enjoy most about being a Board member is the opportunity to have a voice in the strategic direction of Visions FCU. There are so many opportunities for this organization to grow and provide top quality financial services to its members and I am proud to be a part of that growth."

R. Mark Patterson

NAME: R. Mark Patterson

TITLE: Director


Why did you decide to serve?

"I wanted to volunteer to help lead Visions to continue to grow and to provide outstanding service and products to our members."

What do you enjoy most about being a Board member?

"I enjoy the opportunity to work with the professional staff of Visions."

Kelly Roche

NAME: Kelly Roche

TITLE: Director

CITY/STATE: Brackney, PA

Why did you decide to serve?

"Having been a member for over three decades, I'm excited for the opportunity to utilize my professional experience to give back to my community through an organization that has consistently provided outstanding service and support to its members."

What do you enjoy most about being a Board member?

"I enjoy working with a fantastic team of individuals with a shared mission to ensure Visions' continued positive impact on the lives of its members."

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Supervisory Committee

Our five-member Supervisory Committee are all volunteers appointed by the Board of Directors to assure that the Board of Directors and management establish practices and procedures to safeguard members' accounts and credit union assets.

The committee arranges for independent internal audits, verification of member statements, reviews of internal controls, and a CPA financial audit. A committee member also attends the monthly Board of Directors meeting.

A special post office box has been established for members to report perceived credit union violations of rules and policies, unethical behavior, disagreement on account balances, or complaints that were not fully resolved to member satisfaction.

Supervisory Committee
P.O. Box 458
Endicott, NY 13760